Ribasphere RibaPak (ribavirin, USP) Tablets | Hep C Combination Treatment | Safety Info - Learn important information about Ribasphere RibaPak (ribavirin, USP) Tablets approved in combination with peginterferon alfa-2a as a chronic hep C treatment for patients with genotype 1, 2, 3 or 4 and for patients with HIV HCV coinfection. See Important Safety Information, including boxed warning.

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  • Birdy Brain - Yummy, easy way to get these vitamins

    My immune system stinks so I thought these were worth a try. I have been much healthier since, so they aren't hurting. Plus, they taste so good (I LOVE gummy candy) that it's hard to just stick to the correct 2-gummy dosage! Yes, I am an adult. No apologies!

  • Summer Kinard - Perfect source for grant-writing

    For years, we in my toilet seat artists' collaborative group have dreamed of going abroad to spread the joy of toilet art to the people of China. But every grant request was turned down. "People in China don't even use Western toilets," the rejection letters would read, or "All the toilet seats in China are concrete, and therefore not compatible with your group's prefered media of water-color, papier mache, washi tapes, and upholstery tacks." Then I found this gem of source material!

  • Truth Be Told - Fits like a glove

    I bought these for my 2014 1500 crew cab and they fit snug and perfect. I love that they have an upper edge so that it is hard for dirt and water to go under the liner. although I use my truck as a work truck I also use it for personal use and I feared that this liner would make the interior look like a commercial truck but it does not. They blend in nicely with the interior. The material looks like it will hold up to a lot of foot traffic and abuse. Ill update my review if I have issues with it in the future.

  • Zer0 - If you find yourself beta.. and you know ...

    If you find yourself beta.. and you know who you are. If you seriously want to improve yourself; be honest about your flaws and read this book. There is nothing wrong with you, this book is a godsend. Read it and learn.:)

  • Mike - Works Perfectly!

    Electrosensitivity, ie, Electro-magnetic "Allergies," are of course nocebic in nature. This is to say, the symptoms involved are not actually caused by electro-magnetic waves at all, but rather caused by the belief that electro-magnetic waves are somehow harmful. It is important to understand what this means: the symptoms are very real. The sufferer in question is not "faking it," but is suffering very real symptoms induced by their own beliefs.