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  • D. Mason - Wonderful Quality Pen

    Very high quality pen and very beautiful to look at. (One of the physicians I work with admired it the other day). I use it now more than my Mont Blanc roller ball. The stock refill is very smooth. In a pinch, you can substitute a G2 roller ball refill, which are available just about everywhere. I plan to buy another at some point.

  • jimbodunky - Does not protect your iPhone

    My wife got this as a gift. The plastic is slippery, has no grip to it whatsoever. Which eventually led to the phone being dropped. And when it did, it landed on the side of the iPhone. Somehow still, the screen completely cracked spiderweb style and is now being used temporarily with clear shipping tape over the glass until we have time to get it replaced. The first job a phone case must do is protect the phone. This product failed miserably.