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  • Reading assessment - Star Reading - Renaissance - Reading assessment built for state standards, CCSS, TEKS. Inform reading instruction and determine student reading skills, growth or need for intervention.
  • Math assessment test - Star Math – Math standards skills mastery - Math assessment test built for state standards, CCSS, TEKS. Inform math instruction and determine how students have grown or need intervention.
  • Star Early Literacy – Early literacy skills mastery - Early literacy assessment built for state standards, CCSS, TEKS. Guarantee students build the early literacy skills they need to read by third grade.
  • Formative assessment tool- Renaissance Star Custom - Sample Items - Formative assessment tool from Renaissance, Star Custom. See sample items and premade items built for your state's standards.
  • Star Spanish assessment - ELL students - Renaissance - ELL students use Star Spanish assessments for reading, math, and early literacy. Interim data shows exactly what your Spanish-speaking students know.
  • Close reading practice - Reading comprehension - Accelerated Reader 360 - Accelerated Reader 360 helps teachers provide close reading and reading comprehension practice. Reading practice that leads to greater reading growth.
  • Math practice for deep standards mastery - Accelerated Math - Accelerated Math provides math practice at each student’s unique level so they master math skills, learn critical thinking skills, and reduce math anxiety.
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  • Math flash cards - Vocabulary practice - Renaissance - Math flash cards online to guide students to fact and vocabulary fluency. For English language learners, ELL students, RTI, and any student needing practice
  • K12 educational software solutions - Renaissance solutions - Educational software solutions for K12 schools. Formative assessment, reading comprehension, math practice solutions for K12 classrooms.
  • Assessment solution - Formative assessment solution - Renaissance - Assessment solution built for state standards, CCSS, college and career readiness. Formative assessment tool, solution for any grade or subject.
  • Early literacy solution - Early readers - Vocabulary and literacy - Early literacy solution to build vocabulary and literacy skills and give every student a great start on their path to college and career readiness
  • Gifted and talented solution - Identify students with potential - Gifted and talented solution to identify students with potential to be gifted and talented. Every student deserves a chance to soar and reach full potential
  • Individualized instruction solution - Tailored instruction - Individualized instruction solution for providing tailored instruction to each student. Identify each student's level and provide targeted practice
  • Response to intervention - RTI - Support for intervention - Response to intervention RTI solution. Get support for your intervention strategy and encourage growth at any level. Assess and add intensive practice.
  • Whole class instruction solution - Whole class learns together - Whole class instruction solution to increase growth in a large classroom setting. Teach grade-level standards together and identify which students respond
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  • Blended professional development - Renaissance-U - Renaissance - Blended professional development combines online tutorials and data coaching to provide professional development that fits your schedule and pace.

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