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  • Kimberly Troutman - One step up in the VR world

    My teenage daughter and her friends are absolutely loving this VR Headset. We have had some in the past that were a bit flimsy and didn't really stand the test of time, but this is a great sturdy set that has stood up to multiple teenage hands. Like I said we have had a VR set before, but it didn't last. So, when I saw an offer to try this one at a discount in exchange for a review of its performance, I decided to give it another try. Boy, am I glad that I did. This set is so cool and really takes you away. The cushioned lining around your face blocks out the outside world completely and lets you get immersed in the VR world. I am really pleased with this purchase and give it two thumbs up. It was worth every penny.

  • Marko Markoko - A must read for anyone in the thrall of Libertarianism.

    I highly recommend this book, not because I agree with it, I mostly do not. I recommend it because it is just about the only book written from the perspective of a libertarian that is not filled with mindless slogans singing vacuous hymns to the Free Market. Mr. Stockman is brings an accountant’s clarity and precision to the problem of implementing libertarian philosophy in the real world.

  • mike stern - GREAT BUY