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  • Amazon Customer - Music that every library must have

    An old favorite I must have for the road. Now that I am begining to get many of my books mobile time to do the music.

  • Kati - Lots of information in a tight package

    Whether this is your first time using AutoCAD Civil 3D or you consider yourself an experienced user, you are bound to learn something new in this book full of (not just) essentials. This colorful text book will walk you through the workflow for everything from the ins and outs of the user interface to laying out an alignment with a profile and building a road corridor to designing pipe networks (including the new pressure pipe networks!) to much much more! The layout of this book makes it easy to find the essential information on any of the many workflows you will want as you use Civil 3D 2013. The graphics are all clearly labeled and extra information is even tucked in the margins. This may seem like a light book when you first pick it up but it is chock-full of information! I think this is a definite addition to any bookshelf collection for a Civil 3D user; I know I'll be sharing it with my coworkers. (And be sure to check out the table in the Appendix if you are thinking about trying for your AutoCAD Civil 3D Professional Certification! It will let you know exactly what to study.)

  • Desert Wind - Very good electric razor for the price

    Excellent razor for the price! Instead of buying their expensive "powder stick"; I tried regular baby powder! It works. The powder shows the hair to be shaved. It's easy to clean. I gave 4 stars for 2 reasons: 1. It does not show how many minutes of charge is left. 2. Shaving under the chin and neck causes "irritation" for my face. Obviously, the shave is not like razor blade shave. I recommend this if you can use it with m two points. Gives as good a shave in shorter time because of powder trick than my more expensive electric razor

  • HighCountryHomesteader - Much better than an abacus and a shoebox

    I purchased this with reservations based on previous reviews. There were horror stories of why this MAC version is inferior to the PC version, etc. I have been happily surprised. Ignorance maybe bliss, but we have found this program to be accommodating and easy to work with; If you are looking to get your shoebox full of receipts organized and cataloged, this product is for you. If you are running an enterprise with a bunch of employees and 2000+ inventory SKUs, maybe there are other options out there; This program gives me the reports I need and it has cut down on my "shoebox" time for taxes. We are running two small LLCs out of this program and our accountant is very happy with the fact we have stepped up our game. For the "little guy" this program is tough to beat.

  • michael mccubbins - Inexpensive and very good

    Got my filter fast..fits perfect and 30.00 cheaper than the 1st one i got from somewhere else. Ill be coming back soon to get more!!!

  • Vincent Mahoney - Tired of Capcom's treatment of Mega Man? Inti Creates is, too.

    Longitme fans of Mega Man may be missing the exhilarating action of the series since Capcom (seemingly) shelved the series a few years ago. Azure Striker Gunvolt plays similarly to the Mega Man Zero series- players are rewarded and earn ranks for performing well in action stages and gain higher scores with additional benefits for clearing stages quickly. The music is great and very reminiscent of Mega Man, which is to be expected of Inti Creates. The graphics are crisp and clean pixel animation that are extremely pleasing to the eye, as well, so you'll have a game that should please you both aurally and aesthetically.