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  • Kelly Horne - Highly recommend.

    I have never used a line of this product yet that I haven't seen results............ Highly recommend.


    Fast delivery but, unfortunately, the CD was damaged somehow as it skipped - even though there did not appear to be any scratches. Very poor quality, which seems to be a manufacturing flaw. Hate it because I was really looking forward to adding the CD's music to my collection so I'm extremely disappointed. This is the first time I've had such a problem with any order through Amazon. Would send back but unable to do so.

  • LITS - My investment, no reward :(

    Let me sadly address one of the quotes from what this company advertises on Amazon first “BEST NATURAL PESTS CONTROL GUARD SOLUTION - No need to spend thousands on harmful chemicals that can damage your home. The electronic pest control will rid your home of unwanted rodents. The safest form for rat repellent, mouse repellent, mouse repellent, mosquito repellent and more.”. I am extremely disappointed with the product(s) I bought. I state products because I own two a purchase decision based on what I noted from the question and answer section:

  • L. Davis - skincerity is different but super effective

    I have been using skincerity for over a year. I have oily skin with large pores and breakouts. Once I started using Skincerity my pores have all but disappeared and my breakouts are few and far between. I roll it on after I place both my night serum and light moisturizer on. This locks in all of the benefits of the other products. The smell is strong but goes away quickly. Also hard to get it out of your hair so try not to get too close to the hairline. Other than that it is awesome.