PreDiCT-TB consortium - The goal of the PreDiCT-TB consortium is to find the most rapid and reliable ways of identifying the most potent combinations of new drugs

  • Partners - PreDiCT-TB - PreDiCT-TB brings together some of the best European scientists in the field of tuberculosis but also those with new ideas from other fields. As importantl
  • Funding and Supporters - PreDiCT-TB - PreDiCT-TB is a public-private partnership funded by the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative, comprising three major pharmaceutical partners (GSK, Sanofi, a
  • Latest News - PreDiCT-TB - Louise Cooper has been appointed Project Manager and will be based at the University of Liverpool. Louise has several years of EU Project Management under various funding streams from the European Commission. Louise holds a Masters Degree in Population Health evidence from the University of Manchester.
  • 47th World Conference on Lung Health - PreDiCT-TB - The 47th World Conference on Lung Health will take place in Liverpool, UK from 26th - 29th October 2016. Further details are available here.
  • 9th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of Tuberculosis Drugs 2016 - PreDiCT-TB - The workshop will be on 24th October 2016 at The Hilton Hotel on the Waterfront, Liverpool, United Kingdom, prior to the Union Meeting. For more informatio
  • General Assembly - Uppsala, Sweden - PreDiCT-TB - The 4th PreDiCT-TB General Assembly meeting took place at Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala, Sweden on 11th/12th May 2016  and was attended by 66 people from ei
  • The problem with TB - PreDiCT-TB - What is tuberculosis? Tuberculosis (TB) is an airborne infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It usually affects the lungs causing coughi
  • Strategy and Aims - PreDiCT-TB - Developing even a single drug for tuberculosis is challenging but identifying the most effective treatment regimens is a completely new paradigm in the fie
  • Work Plan - PreDiCT-TB - The composition of the PreDiCT-TB consortium reflects the comprehensiveness of it's scientific strategy, balancing integration and innovation.The twenty on
  • Links - PreDiCT-TB -   Innovative Medicines Initiative Global Alliance for TB Drug Development Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New T
  • Contacting Us - PreDiCT-TB - Please complete your details in the box below and include a message regarding your query if you would like to contact us.

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