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  • ironm4nx - Solid straight forward response to the 1 star reviews

    I have ordered products before however, if you read carefully, these clothes are from countries of small people, you must get 1 to 2 sizes larger than what you currently purchase. It takes a while because it's from the other side of the world, and at these prices something's are not gonna be 100%

  • hleejpn - but nothing lasted like this lithium battery powered Linx

    We have had our Linx Cordless Vac for over two years, purchased on Amazon. It does everything we expected and more. I have numerous cordless tools, and once the lithium batteries came out and with considerable experience with nicad and others the lithium based batteries beat the others in performance. The only negative I can add is that chargers can be designed and built to quit charging once the battery is charged, eliminating the problem of shortening battery life by leaving it in the charger. I don't know if Hoover has done this yet or not. However, for us, we knew this and do not leave a charged battery in the charger.

  • davidcbarnard - Read the Instructions. Read the Instructions, Read the instructions.

    This stuff works great. Although some of the reviews are quite humorous, I am writing this to give you a few tips to make it go smoothy.

  • Triston - I've actually played and beaten it

    This game truly is spectacular in most every way, if you are a fan of enemy unknown then you will love this one, my one issue with it is the dlc, while not bad per say, they are certainly underwhelming when compared to enemy within, the spark units are just not as good as a normal soldier, the anarchy's children just doesn't appeal to me that much, Andrew alien hunters dlc is just irritating overall due to how the alien rulers get a free move for every single action you make. In regards to difficulty, if you are not very skilled or new to the games, this will be difficult and you will lose soldiers, but if you have a tactical mindset and you know what you are doing, it will still be plenty challenging, but not to a point that it isn't fun, I lost a total of 5 soldiers in my run, which I like to think is not that bad. Remember, a true commander doesn't reload.

  • Julia - Really like the "modern" art style and the writing

    Really like the "modern" art style and the writing. Always been curious and the first six were free so pretty good deal!

  • Saiph - WARNING: Usefulness of Fitbit's Platform Just Took a Nosedive

    This is a lengthy review, for which I apologize. I hope it will help those who are considering purchase to make an informed decision in light of recent developments.

  • Crissie - I immediately felt it

    I am somewhat of a skeptic, but am also sensitive. I got this and plugged it into my router yesterday, and immediately felt something. Sort of like a sense of relief. I work at home so am here in front of a computer all day. Today, I felt a calming pleasant energy. So, I am surprised so far!!