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  • Donald H. Younker - Claims to be simple, it's Not...

    It claims to be simple, it's Not - it doesn't connect to my blue tooth on my iPhone 7, during setup, you need an id, password or cell phone number and it kept timing out and I have 4bars on my connection -

  • Beth - Less Anxiety

    I bought these pills for my husband. He is a strong introvert and often has trouble dealing with large groups of people and loud, excessive noise. In short, his in-laws and our one year old son. We have often discussed him taking some kind of medication that would help to ease his nerves and calm his anxiety in these situations but he said that he had taken then when he was younger and did not like the side effects that they often had. I suggested that we look for some kind of natural remedy and found Calm Now. We discussed how we both liked that the product was all natural and would hopefully keep the side effects to a minimum while offering a quieter and less anxious mind for my husband.

  • J. Kopeny - Absolute classic.

    I still have the original vinyl of this and picked up this to replace a scratched to hell CD version of it. This is one of the RARE examples of theater merging (mostly) successfully with Rock instead of the other way around.

  • Andrew - another project ruined by duplicolor

    don't waste your money, buy something better. this junk, when it wasn't sputtering like a sprinkler on a front lawn, went on more of a runny brown than clear.