– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier | The new definition of health care ! - We at PharmaTech® believe our first responsibility is to the patients, doctors, nurses and all other customers who will use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality. Customer orders must be serviced promptly and accurately ensure optimal satisfaction.

  • http://www.pharmauae.com/about-us/ About Us | – PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - PharmaTech® Medical equipment trading L.L.C is a leading medical cutting-edge technology, state of the art equipment distributor in the United Arab Emirates and most of G.C.C. countries.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/about-us/who-we-are/ Who We Are -– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - PharmaTech® Medical equipment trading L.L.C is a leading medical cutting-edge technology, state of the art equipment distributor in the United Arab Emirates And most of G.C.C. countries. Committed to provide the highest quality, patient care, cost saving, accurate, advanced and reliable solutions.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/about-us/why-pharmatech/ Why PharmaTech? | – PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - The new definition of Health Care   We at PharmaTech® believe our first responsibility is to the patients, doctors, nurses and all other customers who will use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/about-us/our-strengths/ Our Strengths | – PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Qualified and multi-experienced consultants related to the Hospital and Pharmacy automation field. Research and Development team that caters the medical industry to match the market needs by selecting the right solutions related to improve patient care in the MENA region.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/about-us/mission-and-vision/ Our Focus | – PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier -   We are keen on delivering the latest top-notch complete Pharmacy Automation Technology in the Mena region, to improve the Health Section in the region by selecting the appropriate products through the right partners.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/products/ All Products | – PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Health Robotics Products :     I.V.STATION® ONCO THE 2ND GENERATION ROBOT FOR COMPOUNDING ONCOLOGY STERILE PREPARATIONS i.v.STATION® ONCO represents a complementary offering to other Health Robotics’ solutions for sterile compounding of Intravenous Cancer Therapy: CytoCare and i.v.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/automated-garment-system/ Automated Garment System– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - solution for the automatic management of folded garments, of uniforms for public institutions or industries
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/precifill/ Precifill | – PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Finally, an automated solution for filling oral liquid Syringes!     Introducing the Precifill™DispensingPump Another medication safety solution! Simple to use Significantly faster than manually filling oral liquid syringes Reduces margin of error - accurately dispenses medications Impro...
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/intelliguard-meps-realtime/ INTELLIGUARD MEPS REALTIME -– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Intelliguard® RFID Solutions for critical pharmaceutical inventory are key to ensuring patient safety
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/kit-and-tray-management/ Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management | – PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier -   The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System does not require item-level scanning or manual counting. Using advanced RFID technology, medication kit and tray replenishment and inventory management is automated.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/inventory-management/ Intelliguard® Inventory and Management System | – PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Hospitals are under increasing pressure to conserve costs wherever possible. The challenge to achieving greater visibility of inventory is nearly impossible to reach with manual medication management workflows.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/kirbylester/ Kirby Lester -– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Kirby Lester provides a variety of systems to serve every counting and verification need, from our simplest drug counters to the fully-automated KL60 compact robot to high-speed bottling and check-weighing devices for industrial applications.
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/kl1plus-streamlined-counting-plus-verification-device/ KL1Plus - Streamlined Counting , Verification Device– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - great tablet counter with a safety net KL1Plus — Streamlined Counting Plus Verification Device
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/kl60-compact-affordable-robotic-dispensing-for-low-to-high-volume-pharmacies-with-fillsafetm-security-system/ KL60– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Compact, affordable robotic dispensing for low — to high-volume pharmacies — with FillSafeTM security system
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/kl100-streamlined-robotic-dispensing-for-medium-to-high-volume-pharmacies-with-fillsafe-security-system/ KL100– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Streamlined robotic dispensing for medium to high volume pharmacies — with FillSafe™ security system
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/ultravision-clpl/ UltraVision CLPL– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - UltraVision is a world class specialist in developing new and leading edge technology to produce a wide range of soft disposable, durable, Silicone Hydrogel and RGP contact lenses using both cast-moulded and the latest in lathe cutting systems in Abu Dhabi , Dubai and UAE , Kerasoft
  • http://www.pharmauae.com/kerasoft-ic/ KeraSoft IC– PharmaTech – Medical Equipment Supplier - Customizable for exact patient needs. Excellent comfort due to the high water content silicone hydrogel and hydrogel materials

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  • Linda - No Light at the end of the Light Relief Tunnel

    I ordered the Light Relief and first i was sent me a unit that didn't work, and had to pay to have it sent back and then two weeks later they sent me a replacement WITHOUT INCLUDING THE EXTRA PAD WHICH I NOT ONLY PAID FOR, BUT HAD RETURNED TO THE COMPANY.

  • Marge Kolstad - Some great information here

    He again puts forth his great knowledge of history here. Though this book seem to go in circles which surprises me because he doesn't talk that way on his radio program or TV. Haven't quite finished it yet so I hope he gives solutions besides moving out of the country before it is too late!

  • Saxxy - Beautiful, lightweight and sturdy

    Ordered these cases for both of my iPhones. They are easy to install, incredibly lightweight, and have a nice look and feel. I love the slim feel of this cover over the thicker OtterBox I had been using. The only reason for the 4 star review is because I could never find a definitive answer on whether or not these cases included some kind of screen protector. When I reviewed the company's website and reviewed the Amazon customer reviews and Q&A section it seemed that there would be some kind of screen protector in the box but there wasn't. Picked up a glass protector and it fits nicely with no interference from the case. I will definitely recommend these cases.

  • Tammy Akalski - brilliant

    This wall charger is handy for me as I travel with both new style apple connectors (iPhone 6, new iPad) Something always needs a charge! By charging two devices at once long cable very durable and great size

  • Nicci B - Beautiful

    Installation was pretty standard, a bit easier with the new latch system. I am in love with the design, and have always liked Tokidoki style. Having the safest car seat on the market, and a cool design = awesome!