Physicians East Surgical Weight Loss Center : Home - We specialize in weight loss surgery, including laparoscopic gastric bypass, lap-band, gastric sleeve, and revision surgery

  • Surgical Weight Loss : Surgical Weight Loss Center - Three core methods of surgical weight loss are offered: Gastric Bypass, LAP-Band, and Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Our Team : Surgical Weight Loss Center - Our team consists of expert surgeons and nurses capable of taking care of your needs
  • Are you a candidate for weight loss surgery? : Surgical Weight Loss Center - Ideal weight loss surgery candidates are 100 pounds over their ideal weight or have a BMI between 35 and 40
  • Making an informed decision : Surgical Weight Loss Center - Attend an info session to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate and to help you make a decision
  • Preparing for Surgery : Surgical Weight Loss Center - Some preparations must be done or requirements may need to be met prior to having surgery.
  • Gastric Bypass (Roux-En-Y) : Surgical Weight Loss Center - The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the most commonly performed weight loss procedure in the US
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy : Surgical Weight Loss Center - The vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a form of weight loss surgery where about two-thirds of the stomach is removed

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