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  • Northstar5 - Combined with bleach wash this can be a lifesaver

    This is a detailed review because I think I have finally figured out the best way to use this, with a few additional steps that are not in the instructions. They make a very big difference. I have used this on myself and others with great results and have been coloring hair for 30 years. I really hope this helps others. These sulfur-based color removers are great but there are some things you need to know. If you are clear on what to expect from Oops and follow a few additional steps, Oops can be a lifesaver.

  • 06si_guy - camo zippo

    Million stars if I could vary nice. Warm not hot perfect when it says 12 hours it is more like 17-20. I throw it in my inside coat pocket and keeps the chill off my core. All my friends bought one also and no complaints from any of them.

  • Jennifer F - Nice book, but I wanted more

    This is a lovely book for coins, and I love that it has both P and D slots for the quarters. You can see both sides of the coins, which I wish more books would do, and while there is some text about the process for selecting the designs, I was hoping for a blurb about each park instead. It's still be better than any other book I've found for the state parks, but I was still left wanting something more.

  • Crystal M. - Very happy!

    Despite a LOT of bad reviews, I bought this game because I was bored with my (original) WiiFit program and the little bobble people, lol! I'm glad I didn't choose to not buy it due to bad reviews I read.

  • Colin - Needs an account creation to use.

    Rating one star simply because to use this I have to create an account on Tile's servers. This should not be necessary and with the current rate of data breaches is yet another potential security issue with my e-mail address plus having to create yet another password.

  • SassyKat - Nasty Dirty Roaches Be Gone

    I moved from an upstairs unit to a downstairs one, and the kitchen was overrun by the little nasty dirty creatures. Of course I didn't know it at the time. When I discovered the yucky things I went and bought cans of roach spray, and waited for them to die. But no such luck. They just laughed at me, and continued to make babies and eat my food. Since Amazon hasn't failed me yet I went searching, and to my surprise I found this product. I've only had it a week, and already we have seen very many dead or nearly dead bugs. I will continue to use this spray since I live in Texas and in an apartment.