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  • Mother and baby diet affects child behaviour and mental health | Paediatrics Update - Children are more likely to have behavioural problems, depression and anxiety if their mothers had unhealthy diets during pregnancy, Victorian researchers say.
  • Special Report - Life at 24-weeks old | Paediatrics Update - When a baby is born very premature, parents and doctors are forced to weigh the metrics of life, death and cost.
  • No place for cardiac auscultation in RHD screening | Paediatrics Update - Doctors should hang up their stethoscopes when it comes to assessing children for rheumatic heart disease (RHD) as cardiac auscultation is a poor predictor of the condition, NT clinicians say.
  • Paediatricians call for smacking of children to be criminalised | Paediatrics Update - Smacking children as a disciplinary measure will be a thing of the past if the nation’s leading paediatrics group has its way.
  • Girls missing out on ADHD treatment | Paediatrics Update - Girls with ADHD are being underreferred, leaving many untreated, a new Australian study suggests.
  • Substance abuse rife among body building boys | Paediatrics Update - Adolescent boys who use supplements in a bid to build muscle are more likely to binge drink and use drugs, a study shows.

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  • Douglas Palmer - absolutely wonderful

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  • Andres J Quinones - Aside from just smelling good, this product does absolutely nothing

    Aside from just smelling good, this product does absolutely nothing!! I placed 2 of them in my extremely small pantry, and these mice just continue to party in there like it's Christmas with the pine smell. No matter how many times I clean up, the droppings continue, which means they're not repelling anything! Waste of money....not worth it!