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  • Vidis - I really love Puma shoes

    I really love Puma shoes, as long as you are not using them for running. Going to the gym perfect, for everyday use, absolutely the best, feels good, fits just right, maybe a bit tight, but not too much, which is great for everyday use, but as I mentioned such fit is not comfortable for running, especially since it is fairly high and heavy shoe. But since I bough it to use as everyday shoe, I would definitely would buy same one again.

  • Shari Pack - Awesome product!

    From the moment I began using the NutriBullet I felt the difference. I read the other review and the user must have not used enough water because my drinks are completely liquified. You can adjust the amount of things you put in with the water to have it at a consistency that you desire.

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    I have the type of hair loss that Rogaine is supposed to help (vortex balding) and guess what? It didn't work, and much to my dismay and horror, I have now lost substantially more hair at a substantially faster pace than I was losing before using Rogaine. I used it for about 8 months and quit after noticing that I was losing more hair then ever before. Rogaine claims that you will lose hair initially and then it will regrow, but that was an absolute farce in my case. The kicker is that when I quit using it at the suggestion of a Rogaine representative (who sounded alarmed when I described my results), my hair thinning became much worse in the aftermath. I am sick to my stomach over this fiasco and I am uglier because of it. Thanks Bill Rancic! Thanks Rogaine!!