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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • David M. Johnson - No better than any other Tanner

    I paid the $40 and got ripped off. That's not to say it doesn't work, it does lightly tan you each time but it still streaks and smells just like any other tanner. Save yourself $30 and just buy the cheaper self tanners. Waste of money here.

  • Christine - Required to be logged onto EA servers to play

    Call me silly but when I buy a single player game I expect to be able to actually play it after I install it. I got an error message informing me that the server is full. If this is truly the way the video game industry is heading I need to find a new hobby or stick to playing MMO's where server issues are an expected and understandable problem.

  • John C. Peterson - Great Goo!

    Tried this for keeping my hands dry during the Hot and Humid Golf days that we enjoy in Central Florida. Went from 3 Wet, soggy Gloves a round to two or three drops of goo a round, with the added benefit of not having to wear a glove thus promoting a better feel during execution of my shots.

  • Moritz Stieber - Yesh

    Don't expect to actually be able to play games with the Powerglove, it doesn't work at all. But I don't think that's the reason why anyone would buy it anyway. It's a trashy, retro, cool-looking 80s gadget you can feel awesome about having it. And that's just it, it's awesome, and it's exactly how I expected it to be.

  • Sang Tran - 4 out of 5 stars

    With the market flooding with main staple of chocolate and vanilla. I wanted a different variety of flavors. When i heard of a wild cherry flavor offered by muscletech, i was not sure if the taste would good or bad, since a few shakes out there leave an aftertaste. When i actually made it it was not bad at all. I used my nutribullet instead of your regular protein shaker you used with your hand. the outcome is far better for me. It was a little sweet for me, but that's me, so i added an ounce or two of organic lemon juice in 7 ounces of water instead of the 5 ounces of water recommended. The outcome provided me with a refreshing burst of a feel good moment in my mouth. Something different. . im a tart and some sweet kind of guy. This works for me. I use it as a meal replacement and sometimes proworkout drink. Overall with the modification i made, i give it 4 out of 5 stars. I really would like to see more variety out there instead of the over saturated chocolate or vanilla option. To each his or her own. I would be buying this again.

  • Light Seeker - Life saver!

    This supplement has been nothing short of a life saver for me. 30 years vegetarian and now vegan. Made the terrible mistake to never supplement B12! I've learned the hard way. This supplement is slowly healing my body. SO grateful for it!!!

  • wael fakhouri - Great service !

    I ordered 2 kits, one of them came with the Led defective. Marco from Auraglow quickly contacted me after my purchase to follow up on my order and see if i was satisfied. I told him about the defective Led and he sent me another one no questions asked.