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  • Amazon Customer - Great as always but a little darker this year

    Great as always but a little darker this year.Read through it once but it definitely needs at least one more read. Been reading this annually for 20+ years!

  • Meijer Bjorn - Great non greasy detangler

    We got this detangler for my daughter who has thick wavy hair that tangles easily! One of the things my daughter loves about it is the smell, she is 11 and most of the other detangler products on the market are geared towards younger children and don't have a sophisticated smell. I love that we can use it on wet or dry hair without the greasy residue many of the other detanglers on the market do. This detangler leaves her hair soft and silky, while making the combing experience easy and tear free!

  • MNtea - Wonderful car

    Our 2016 PriusTouring 4 is wonderful. If you tried an older model Prius and gave up, try again. It's changed. I'd rented a Prius for 2 weeks about 5-6 years ago and that experience unsatisfactory. Glad I tried again. The safety features, blind spot, rear-cross traffic, forward collision prevention, are terrific. The front seat is super comfortable and driver automatic seat controls are excellent--intuitive. Like the design of the audio controls very much--not distracting like on older Prius. Storage space meets our needs fine--hatchback handy. Enjoy the surprising sports car drive and, especially with the classy looking protection package, people mistake it for a sports car. At about 3,000 miles we have gotten 63mpg. Very happy with Prius.

  • SnowBird - A Multipurpose Cream

    This multipurpose cream works well for my arthritis pain in my back and is also a quick fix for my cellulite on my thighs. The cellulite appears to be decreased and my skin has tightened up after using this cream. Don't get me wrong, It won't make you look skinny or lose weight, but it will smooth those areas and make cellulite less prominent. It's great even though it's only a temporary result on my thighs ( about 9 hours ). I have also tried wrapping my thighs with plastic wrap after applying this cream. I had very good results with this technique. I massaged it in with one of those hand massagers with the little nodules and then wrap my thighs several times with plastic wrap leaving it on for an hour or two. While I have the wrap on I continue with my household chores. Just a small amount of this cream goes a long way. From the first time I used this cream, I saw a difference in the appearance of my thighs. It's perfect for when you need to wear a short skirt, shorts, or a swimsuit. Since this cream does a great job tightening my thighs I'm also putting a little on my double chin in hopes that it will work wonders on that problem area too. The skin sensation the cream gives reminds me of a product my mother use to use called Icy Hot. received this product at a discount. I'm writing this critique because I like this product. I do not have to write an evaluation of the product but I have chosen to do so. I am in no way obligated, nor am I encouraged to leave a good evaluation. This cream is great to have around for body aches and cellulite. I would recommend this cream to my family and friends.

  • R. Stonehouse - Good for Tinnitis

    helped the ringing in my ears. I had read that choline in the diet would help rid me of tinnitis. Saw this and thought I would try it. The ringing in my ears have really been helped taking this Choline.

  • Rich(アニメとゲームが優先!!) - While Not A Spectacular Season It Was Better Then I Thought It Would Be.

    Like with the previous fours seasons the fifth starts out with a bang as well as introducing Five-0's newest member as a series regular.You'll have a decent mix of action/drama/romance and thrills from the writers and while there are about five episodes that are lackluster the rest do a good job of keeping you entertained throughout the end of the episode. For the price it was a great deal to add this season to the other four I already have which is somewhat surprising as I wasn't much of a fan the first season but the series did grow on me. So for fans of five-o we have another entertaining season to enjoy until the start of season six.

  • Max Rockbin - VERY BUGGY even with lastest (April 2014) patches. Screwed up larger font views for disability too

    WOW. Another year, another absurdly buggy version of QuickBooks. This reflects my own experience. Yours may very.