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  • Paige - i would not recommend this to my worst enemy

    this product for the first couple of days made me feel great and than it made me feel like i was dying and than i stopped and for the next week it still was in my system i was curled over in a ball with stomach pain.

  • Chrys - The Stuff is the REAL DEAL!!

    In our old 40yr old house, We had a bad roach infestation and nothing seemed to get rid of them long term. Raid roach and ant spray worked great on contact (they would literally die 2 seconds after spraying them). My mom went to Walmart and picked up some this Combat Source Roach gel (we call it roach peanut butter...dont ask) and I kid you not...after about a week we literally saw no more roaches!

  • Debra Thompson - Refreshing and really works!

    So far so good! I'll be the first to admit, that after years of shaving my under arms, I have very dark under arms. I've tried a lot of creams and deodorants that were suppose to help with this issue. But they always seem to come up short. What drew me to this product is not only did it claim to lighten, but it also says that you can use this as a deodorant. First off, my ordering experience was great. My product arrived a day early, and it was packaged up well. The container is sealed in plastic, so I didn't get a product that was open, or damaged (I've heard horror stories). This cream can be used on not just your underarms, but elbows, knees, and intimate areas. For now, I've just been using this for my underarms. The cream smells really good, and it's not a strong smell, really light. It doesn't cause any discomfort. You can use this right after you shave, and still no stinging. So I feel that if you have sensitive skin, you should be fine. I like to test the limit of products, so with this saying you can use it as your deodorant, I had to have it prove it. I had shaved my underarms that morning, and applied the cream. I went all day, and remained fresh the entire day! I doesn't leave a residue on your clothing either. The ingredients are clearly listed. It does contain glycolic acid, so after a week, you will notice that your skin feels smoother because they are being exfoliated while you have the cream on. It also contains alpha arbutin, which is a safe skin lightener. I can see some fading, so I'm sure with time it'll smooth my skin tone there. This also doubles as a deodorant so I will continue with this. I received this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest review. I know reviews are important to consumers like myself, so this is 100% my experience with this product. I'd recommend to anyone dealing with the same issues as I am.