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  • Peter - Great stuff

    Incredible insight into Warren's decision making process based on really common sense and deep understanding of working with people, none of this nonsense of ego driven acquisitions and synergies...thanks

  • Joshua McPherson - My neighbor and I

    My neighbor and I have anyways been playing pranks on each other. One day he apparently ordered this stuff. He comes dashing out of his house with it in front of him as I was mowing my lawn. Running at me I think to myself "IS THAT PEPPER SPRAY?!" and back up. He comes within a meter of me and I hear a spraying sound. Turns out he got too excited and had the squirt nossel pointing towards his face. It hit him directly on the lips. I enjoyed the next 30 minutes watching my neighbor roll on the ground, vomit, and attempt to wash the liquid off of his face with a hose.

  • andrew - I bought this protection and installed it and thought my ...

    I bought this protection and installed it and thought my computer was protected. not even close. I still had to pay additional money to get rid of a virus. This didnt protect me, nor did it get me assistance with resolving my issue. I went back to norton.

  • Smithmed1 - Awesome PCCN review study guide!

    This book is awesome. It is the PCCN review study guide. It has study questions and tests along with information that is good for the test. I gave this to my friend as he has been a nurse for many years and I am a need nurse. You have to be a nurse for 2 years before you can sit for this exam so it is too early for me :-(

  • Amazon Customer - I MasterBrained and Loved It!

    I will admit I was extremely doubtful when I started taking this product. If coffee couldn't get me up and going in the morning, I was sure there wasn't much else that would. But I started taking MasterBrain about a month ago before I would go into work and let me just say I have not had any better days at work! I also like that it not only has the morning version but a night version too. I also struggled with getting restful sleep due to my mind going a mile a minute. After taking MasterBrain PM I've gotten the most restful sleep. I would definitely recommend MasterBrain for anyone and everyone!

  • woody daughtry - IT REALLY DO WORK!!!!

    put this in a GMC Envoy that had a blown head gasket. Oil was milky lookin on stick and ran like crap. Drained ALL fluids (oil/anti-freeze). New oil,new anti-fr (green cause I read dex-cool ruins parts.Head Gaskets anyone!), and this stuff. Had my doughts but it's still runnin better then it did at 1st. Been almost a week and no overheating. In all ,follow the direc. on bottle. It really works