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  • onu_mpm - Great look and function

    I'm not sure why others are saying these run smaller than other shoes. I ordered 10.5 which is what I always wear and they fit perfectly. Both length and width are nice and snug so they don't slide when I run. I should note that I run sprints or no more than 3 miles at a time in these so I can not attest to how these feel for longer distance runs. I bought the black, grey and white shoes and they look great. Nice and lightweight and they breath fine. For under a $100 it's a good deal and I would recommend. Hope this helps and happy running.

  • Bellisima - Cheap and Smells gOOd.

    I bought this at Safeway for $5.99. I saw it and thought it would be great for my friend who has thin hair to grow stronger hair but after reading it,it states it does not grow new hair,it just makes your already long hair longer and stronger! Really?!

  • JKden03 - If you've never used quickbooks, beware!

    Not at all "intuit-ive" ( get it?). Bought this software with some blank checks in the hopes of keeping track of my business income and paying expenses from my desk:

  • Sandra The book lady #2854# - refrigerator water filter

    I bought this for my refrigerator and was hoping it would do the job of the more expensive ones. I installed it in my refrigerator a few weeks ago and have not had any leak problems or any other problem with it. The water and ice that I get from fridge is back to tasting good and the ice cubes don't have the weird flavor they had previously. I installed the filter and then ran a pitcher of water through it and then I let 2 trays of ice cubes go through and got rid of those, i actually put the thrown out water and ice in dog bowl. The price on these filters is really good compared to the name brand ones. I have not had any problems and I even got an email from the seller letting me know that if there is any problem just to let them know. I have never had that service from other name brands.

  • Kindle Customer - ITS GREAT

    I loooooved this book. It was great. The athour is amazing. I loved how it was sad, happy and very suspenseful. I think her and the author of the series Its Raining Cupcakes. One last time it was wonderful!!!!!