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  • Jennifer - Great For Pre-Existing Stretch Marks!

    I really can't say praise this product enough! I am highly susceptible to stretch marks. I knew this before I got pregnant because I already had them on my stomach, arms, and legs. I had gained weight steadily (despite diet and excercise, but that's beside the point) and stretch marks developed as a result. I wouldn't even consider myself far or obese and since it wasn't sudden, I realized that my skin type was just more prone to getting them. Other family members have the same problem so I just accepted it as my lot in life. When I got pregnant, I figured I couldn't avoid getting more, but still wanted to research lotions or oils that helped prevent them. I came across this product and purchased it at CVS since I don't necessarily trust these kinds of products ordered offline. I started using it regularly starting at about 18 weeks (23 weeks at the time of this review) and have been very surprised! I have used it primarily on my belly where my stretch marks are the worst and I haven't developed any new stretch marks and the pre existing stretch marks have faded significantly. I was skeptical to see results but I am and I'm very happy about it! I'm also happy about the fact that it's an oil and not a lotion! Lotions make me feel greasy for hours after application, but the oil absorbs quickly and doesn't make me feel gross! Please give this product a try even if you have a skin type like mine and are susceptible the stretch marks!

  • Eileen - Try it

    Really nice dark roast coffee. Love the emojis in the a.m. too, we have had some laughs with them. The coffee is very good too!!!

  • Anna - Loved it!

    Just finishing up this cleanse. I purchased it on amazon and was happy with it. While detoxing the first 10 days I felt sick and weak the whole time but figured that's what was supposed to happen! After that I felt better. And I have to be honest even when able to add in protein I preferred not to as I am loving all the fruits and veggies. The shake powder isn't too bad. I found my favorite way to drink it is banana and mango. You can get organic frozen mango at Costco.