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  • Wayne Nelson - These will not fit a 2016 GMCHD Crew cab if ...

    These will not fit a 2016 GMCHD Crew cab if you have the black wheel trim. I sent these back and ordered the Husky 56891 liners, hope they fit.

  • CGroovy75 - Pretty good, not great

    The exact blender I ordered a few months ago isn't appearing anywhere on the page, but hitting "Write a product review" from my past orders took me here. I also got a bonus spatula with my order.

  • Rvcmajors - Top Notch Product!!!!

    Everything about the purchase went great. The transaction went very smoothly, the package arrived on time and with no damage. The sellers were awesome and were very accommodating to any questions I may have had about the solar light sets. So now I will let you know how great these lights are. The solar lights very super easy to assemble and the spiked bottom helped them go into the ground with very little effort. They charged quickly and were much brighter than expected. I bought ordered these solar pathway lights because my son was having a Halloween party and they made a great addition to lighting the way to my front door. I would recommend these lights to anyone who needs some additional outdoor lighting for a reasonable price.

  • AKimbo16 - Cute and stylish!

    I ordered this sweatshirt in advance of the coming fall weather and I got the black one. I loved the idea of the asymmetrical design and the brown and white distinguished designs. When it came in the mail, it was not as asymmetrical as pictured in the photo but it generally looks like it. The fleece is not high quality and has a bit of shedding. I don't know if it will last a long time after washing it so I would say wash it infrequently. It will probably keep you warm in the fall weather and it looks very cute and stylish. Also, the wrists seem to be a bit tight, so if that's something that bothers you then you may not want to purchase this hoodie. I really like the design overall, and I will probably be wearing this come fall.