O ANZOL - ARTIGOS PESCA DESPORTIVA - O ANZOL - ARTIGOS PESCA DESPORTIVA - O ANZOL nasceu em 1997 com objectivo de comercializar artigos de pesca desportiva de água doce, essencialmente focados no Carp Fishing.

Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Cathy Greer - It's worth it!

    I bought this after reading/watcthing reviews. I was a little leery but I went ahead. I must say I LOVE this machine!! It took a few tries to get the color which is why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. Cleaning it takes a little time but it's soooo worth it. I was FaceTimeing with my sister and she said she loved the way my skin looked with this product. So worth it!!!

  • T. Sipos - This product is a piece of JUNK.

    This product does not work at all. It is impossible to use on windows 7. It is a big fat waste of time and your hard earned money. There is no setup instructions. DO NOT BUY!!! PIECE OF JUNK.

  • Dulce Muniikiita - Im Currently Taking it & its Working For Me.

    Im currently using this. The pill does exactly what it suppose to. take it 30min w/water prior to eating. Im eating less(most the time it Subway food) but dont excerise much do to wrk. & im loosing weight. So dnt tell me it dnt wrk!! it is helping with speeding up my metabalism. i eat when im sad, upset, stressed for anything and can go week with out using the restroom. but now i go. and if you over eat you will pay. lol never again lol. im already ordering more. i live in houston,tx and they arrived quick w/o rushing

  • mizzstepwhyte - My boys love it... I love it too---saving me money on dentist bad news.

    I bought this for my sons who share a bathroom; wanted a oral irrigator to promote healthy teeth and gums while reducing the risk of gum disease after they brush. Saw the product description and the reviews and thought this would be the perfect solution for them to use so that every 6 months we don't get the 'bad news' associated with their teeth. I initially priced one of these at various Brick & Mortar stores and was offended by the astronomical price of the units and happened across the SmarToiletries version and decided to get it for them.

  • Crazy Canuck - The Ninja customer service is as bad as the blender . . .

    I purchased this blender based on its high rating from a well-known consumer magazine. I usually this magazine's ratings, but it really let me down on this one. As others have noted, the blender is high powered enough, but terrible for making smoothies - the main reason that I bought it. It just throws the chunks of food to the sides and top, preventing it from chopping up pieces small enough. My old, simple blender did a much better job. When I called Ninja beyond the 30-day Amazon return window, they would not stand behind their product. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, the representative came back off of hold to tell me that one wasn't available to speak with me, but one could call me in 24-48 hours. Obviously there was a supervisor there, and they just don't want to have a conversation about how bad their blender is at making smoothies. I highly doubt that they will even call me back - let alone try to resolve my problem in any way. Stay clear of this blender and company.

  • Sharon - Good service

    The rails went on without a problem, but only after I devised a "tool" to use. The one that comes with the rails is inadequate. I bent the tip of an old tableware knife to pop the caps off on the rack. Worked like a charm. Refer to the Toyota forum for further advice, but again, I had no problem. The price is right, and certainly is far less the dealership.

  • Beth Callen - Fabric Protector

    I bought this to protect some rockers I bought for my small children (kindergarten and under). I am so glad I did. It makes the chairs so much easier to clean.