Nanocrystalline Silver Technology - Nucryst Pharmaceuticals - Since this early discovery of its proprietary silver nanocrystalline coating, NUCRYST went on to manufacture, Acticoat� with SILCRYST� nanocrystals antimicrobial barrier burn dressings in 1998.

Country:, Europe, RU

City: 37.6068 , Russia

  • Fun Mama - Like Magic!

    I've used all kinds of lotiions, cleansers and scrubs...but NOTHING has worked like this product. I used this in conjuction with Baza Moisture Barrier Antifungal Cream and my problem (which has persisted for almost 2 years straight) is GONE in 2 weeks. THere was marked improvement in 5 days, and my skin has return to normal - finally! Because I've used both products together, I really can tell if one is solely responsible for the change. My gut tells me this wash got rid of the skin problems, and the barrier cream will keep it away- so I'm keeping them both!

  • Baltazar - please read before buying

    This box suck. pleases do not waste your time and buy this like i did i thought since it had good reviews id give it a try but NOOOO i was wrong to buy this. its way too bulky you have no type of airspace with this box. i don't know how many times the guys who post good reviews were dropped on there head as a child! do not but this i regret this so much. save your money just buy a ply wood and screw down your sub.

  • Michael Adams - this 200mg capsule is more potent than Good n' Naturals 1200 mg "Super Guarana

    This is the same company that makes Prolab, and it shows: this 200mg capsule is more potent than Good n' Naturals 1200 mg "Super Guarana." I wont buy any other brand.