Noupoort Christian Care Centre | Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation - For the past 20 years we’ve been able to help and rescue many substances abusers who felt they had no way out of the black hole of addiction. Our team of staff

  • About Us | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Who are we? Over the past 20 years Noupoort Christian Care Center has proven itself as the most successful rehabilitation center in South Africa, we
  • Statement Of Faith | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - STATEMENT OF FAITH OF NOUPOORT CHRISTIAN CARE CENTRE   1. We believe in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in their original writing as fully
  • N.C.C.C: Socioeconomic Impact On Our Community - Wikipedia | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Noupoort From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Noupoort View over Noupoort Noupoort Show map of Northern
  • About the Founder | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - About the director   I think that the greatest tragedy in life is the moment a person loses all hope. It will be at that precise moment in time
  • Reintegration CIARA | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Reintegration: CIARA Middleton Noupoort Christian Care Centre places those who have rehabilitated and those still rehabilitating in a town that
  • Rules & Regulations | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Rules & Regulations We bind ourselves to the authority of the Word of God. It will have pre-eminence over every rule. The Noupoort Christian
  • School: NCEC | Noupoort Christian Care Centre -   School: NCEC 90% Matric Pass Rate - Click Here to Read More As a pupil at N.C.E.C. the student/resident is afforded the best
  • The Program | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - The Program   Arrival Upon first arrival at Noupoort the resident is greeted by a Senior Staff member who welcomes the new resident and
  • The Projects | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - The Projects   The Farm The farm owned by NCCC is run under the capable hands of the farm manager. Under his guidance and leadership the farm is
  • NCCC Dogteam | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - N.C.C.C. DOG TEAM The Dog Team Dog team members undergo a training program, reinforced through informed video footage. This is done under supervision of
  • Why Noupoort | Noupoort Christian Care Centre -   Why Noupoort   For the past 20 years we've been able to help and rescue many substances abusers who felt they had no way
  • Bus Details | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Bus Details   From: Gauteng - Translux Bus to P.E. or George leaves JHB at 17h55. Please book the resident to Noupoort where the bus stops at the
  • Application | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Application Form It is easier than ever to apply for a program of recovery at the Noupoort Christian Care Center. All you need to do is follow these
  • 100% School Pass Rate | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - 100% School Pass Rate The N.C.E.C has had quite a bit of media coverage due to our 100% Pass rate, this page is dedicated to some of the newspaper clippings
  • 90% Matric Pass Rate | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE - 90% Matric Pass Rate All things are possible   The controversial Noupoort Christian Care Center is back in the news
  • Drum Sponsorship | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Drum Sponsorship On the 15th November 2009, NCCC was proud to be the sponsors of a new drum set for a local church in the community. The team
  • Jersey Sponsorship | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Jersey Sponsorship Diamonds Rugby Club, proudly wearing their newly sponsored jerseys, played hosts to Jansenville in a league fixture. The second
  • Mandela's Birthday | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Mandela's birthday On the 18th July the Railway Institute restuarant hosted a breakfast and lunch for ANC deligates in honour of Nelson Mandela's
  • Olympiakos Sponsor | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Olympiakos Sponsor Above: Olympiakos prize giving evening - N.C.C.C would like to that the team for awarding us with a Certificate of
  • Soup Kitchens | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - Soup Kitchens Kingdom Kids Noupoort Christian Care Centre assists and donates to multiple soup kitchens throughout Noupoort. Jesus said " Let the
  • The Living Sounds | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - The Living Sounds A letter recieved from 'The Living Sounds' We would like to thank you very much for showing interest in our group. On the
  • 34 Warning Signs | Noupoort Christian Care Centre - 34 Warning Signs Nothing is more destructive to a teen and/or their family than the use of drugs. Consequently the earlier the intervention the better.

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