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  • books weekly - It is very easy to install and set up

    I was looking for a vehicle tracker that does not charge monthly fees. You can see where the car currently is by logging on - although it does not following real time. However, you can look at past trips. It is very easy to install and set up. A bonus - it ranks how our new teen driver is doing and if there are any issues with the car. Only downside is - price is just for one year.

  • Munchkinminder - Love The Wood Grain Finish

    I have several Essential Oil Diffusers and I love them all but this Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Color LED Lights Changing and 4 Timer Settings Waterless Auto Shut Off for Home from Constar is definitely the most attractive one that I own.

  • K. Morran - Ruined batteries

    had 3 borderline batteries. tried desulfating them to bring back to life. all hree batteries ruined now

  • vinit - stay away from navien

    I purchased a Navien CR 240 a couple of years ago, and there have been numerous breakdowns of one sort or another since then, The company website says these problems are mostly due to incorrect installation, but that excuse does not fly. Essentially they are making products that are so complicated and full of holes that not only local repairmen cannot figure them out, but even Navien's own tech support is stumped. Since when did it become necessary to have a gadget that reads out more than 40 error codes just to heat up water? And since when did hot water heaters require such expensive maintenance every year, not to mention the hundreds I've spent on repairs that do not really repair? Right now I'm dealing with a nightmarish issue where we are far from home and are renting out our house. The Navien keeps breaking down. I believe I'm going to just swallow my pride and financial loss and replace the Navien with a regular old tank heater. I won't even bother with trying to get money back through warranties: as you can see from other reviews, that would be uncertain and extremely stressful. Yes, Naviens are a BIG mistake. I suggest the company go out of business, but before they do, they should correct an error in the description of their products: They are THANKLESS hot water heaters, and not tankless.