Norditropin® Growth Hormone Therapy - Norditropin® (somatropin [rDNA origin] injection) helps people living with certain growth-related disorders.

  • About Novo Nordisk | Norditropin® - Learn about Novo Nordisk, the makers of Norditropin®, including the Triple Bottom Line philosophy and the company’s sense of social responsibility and increasing use of green power.
  • My Toolbox | Norditropin® - Find resources and training to help you along your growth hormone therapy journey.
  • What Is Norditropin® | Norditropin® - Learn about Norditropin®, a growth hormone therapy that helps children and adults living with certain growth-related disorders. Read about how Norditropin® works; safety; side effects; and what to expect with treatment.
  • How It Works | What Is Norditropin® | Norditropin® - Get the facts about how growth hormone, and Norditropin®, work in the body.
  • Safety & Side Effects | What Is Norditropin® | Norditropin® - Information about the safety and side effects of Norditropin® growth hormone therapy.
  • What To Expect | What Is Norditropin® | Norditropin® - Set reasonable expectations for therapy with Norditropin®, including when to look for growth, how much growth to expect, and how long treatment might last.
  • The Pens | How to Take It | Norditropin® - An introduction to the pens used to give Norditropin®, FlexPro® and Nordiflex®, with information about the different doses.
  • The Needles | How to Take It | Norditropin® - Learn about the needles used to give Norditropin® in the FlexPro® pen, how thin they are, and how they are measured.
  • Storage & Handling | How to Take It | Norditropin® - See how to store and take care of the Norditropin® FlexPro® pen and all about refrigeration requirements.
  • Devices on the Market | How to Take It | Norditropin® - See some of the delivery devices, including the FlexPro® pen and those offered by various manufacturers, to learn how each one is different.
  • How We Can Help | Norditropin® - Learn about the NordiCare® financial assistance programs, available to eligible patients.
  • Patient Services | How We Can Help | Norditropin® - NordiCare® has a dedicated Case Manager for each patient to keep you going through change and help answer your questions, plus provide training.
  • Insurance Coordination | How We Can Help | Norditropin® - NordiCare® works directly with your insurance company on your behalf, from the beginning of treatment through the appeals process and also for reauthorizations.
  • Financial Support | How We Can Help | Norditropin® - Find out if you’re eligible for the financial assistance available through the JumpStart™, NordiSure™, or Patient Access Program.
  • Norditropin® 101 | Norditropin® - Here’s the important information you need to get started with your Norditropin® growth hormone therapy treatment.
  • Personalize Your Pen | Norditropin® - Get free charms and stickers to decorate your Norditropin® FlexPro® pen and case.
  • Frequently Asked Questions | Norditropin® - Get answers to frequently asked questions about Norditropin®, growth hormone therapy, and the FlexPro® pen.
  • About Growth | Norditropin® - Learn about the basics of growth and growth-related conditions, including normal growth, factors affecting growth, and when to take action.
  • Childhood Growth Hormone Deficiency | About Growth | Norditropin® - Sometimes children’s bodies don’t make enough growth hormone. Learn why this happens, what the results can be, and about how diagnoses are made. Read about the stim test used to help diagnose growth hormone deficiency.

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