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  • Amazon Customer - Probably A Rare, But Defective Unit...But I've Had A Horrible Samsung EVO Experience

    Although I am in the minority, I have had a horrible experience with the Samsung 850 EVO. I purchased this about two months ago and have been trying to install it into my laptop every weekend since.

  • Andi - They fold in half to ship and it is almost impossible to get it to lay flat

    While the board in its own right is a good one, when they shipped it they folded it in half. While they didn't crease it, they bent it over and placed it in the the box. It has been impossible to get the resulting curve out even after setting weights on it, laying a piece of plywood over it for an extended time, etc. It is a challenge each time I use it because the darn thing won't lay flat after months of having it laying under a bed with weights. The price was good buying it online, but I may have been ahead of the game investing twice the price at someplace like JoAnnes or Michaels and getting a flat surface. I paid significantly less buying it on Amazon but the resulting bend is disappointing. Due to the size, I don't know if they could ship it flat. My suggestion would be to sign up for JoAnnes or Michaels email type deals and wait for a 40% off coupon and you would get it flat at about the same price I paid here.

  • Karen Montgomery - the worst

    I cannot believe this product is even on the market...I thought I was buying an upgrade and all this software is, is frustrating...and I am not novice of the computer and have been through a number of print master type programs and never have I had so many problems...I cannot even open old files from the older version of Print Master...this program won't even open them. Stick to your older PrintMaster!!!

  • Kindle Customer - I Can't Get Enough of those Medlovs!!!

    When Gabriel first stepped on the scene I was a little concerned that he would not fit in with the tough as nails, never show weakness, never give up Medlov Men, but he really came into his own with this book. We saw Gabriel go from a fun loving rich kid to a hardcore mafia bad ass and I loved it. Kidnapped, locked up, beaten and fed slope for weeks, Gabriel never broke, he kept his head about him, knew he would get his revenge and get back to his woman and when it was all said and done got his revenge on all who thought him weak and claim his woman. Valeriya on the other hand had a battle of her own, holed up in the Prague Chateau with the Medlov men, women and Briggy. The family had their doubts about the beautiful freedom fighter and her feeling for Gabriel as families do,, so they took some of this time to get the skinny on Valeriya. Briggy on the other hand, saw her life slipping away with Gabriel and took action. Soon all her lies and secrets caught up with her and Briggy finally got what she deserved.

  • Eddie - ... Sceptre 19" LCD TV and it's still holding up wonderfully for a few months

    I'm using this to hang a Sceptre 19" LCD TV and it's still holding up wonderfully for a few months. My TV is about 5 lbs and I'm mounting it on my kitchen ceramic wall. I think the type of wall and the weight of the object is a big factor in deciding to use this command strip over nailing. I didn't want to damage my ceramic wall with nails so I decided on this solution and it works!

  • Molly Roper Jenkins - A wonderful how-to reference

    What I needed,when I needed it. The answer to every question has been found in here and helped with a rapid proficiency..

  • Cat Mom - Great product!

    Helped us get these necessary but unpleasant tasks (wills, health directive, etc.) done with a minimum of fuss. Gave very clear directions, explanations.