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  • maestro - but to go from a daily plate sized leak to nothing in two weeks is pretty amazing. Now it's been about 2 months and ...

    Have a 1998 Volvo v70 that was leaving about a plate sized leak from the power steering rack daily. I was quoted 1500 to replace the rack and pinion assembly. That's more than I paid for the car so I read up on this stuff and gave it a try. I siphoned out what I could from the pump and added most of a 12 oz bottle of Lucas. Within two days the leak grew smaller and smaller. Added the rest of the bottle and within two weeks the leak was gone! Now I don't know how big the leak was, but to go from a daily plate sized leak to nothing in two weeks is pretty amazing. Now it's been about 2 months and fluid level is consistently right on point. Don't know how long it will last but I have another bottle in reserve if it needs it.

  • LEE COLLINS - Great OEM Fit

    These look good and are an excellent OEM fit. They really don't keep all the mud off the Rav4 but if they were any bigger they wouldn't look right on a vehicle of this type. Easy to install and well worth the price IMHO.

  • Jennifer Cole - Not worth it

    I have personally found it cheaper at the store... And that isn't even the biggest problem... It didn't work for me. I was trying to remove calcium build up in a shower and it didn't even put a dent into it. I honestly wouldn't waste my time with the product.

  • suzieqtk - great all the way around

    This product is awesome! Best product kit for the value! My hair is really dry I found by accident that sulfates have been the culprit! I've tried 4 other non sulfate shampoo and this is by far the best. Been using it for months and my hair dresser said your hair is so healthy what are you doing? I told him and the next time he saw me he said I'm convinced and is stocking it. Don't expect a lather it does not but your hair is still clean. Conditioner is great. My hair is slightly wavy baby fine but I have a lot of it and its long colorred and high lighted. Shine now is amazing. Give it time because despite what people say hair is dead and does not transform over night. The detangler spray is great and I use the oil dry. Seller can't be more on top of things because I get these products so quickly! Oh and the frizzy hair complex is gone! I do help it along here in Florida with Avons new Lotus anti frizz product! Works better than the keritan products.

  • Skeptical Viewer - Unlike the Intel ComputeStick, the Lenovo Stick300 does not ...

    Unlike the Intel ComputeStick, the Lenovo Stick300 does not need to be connected to an HDMI device (or dummy terminator) to boot. However, it cannot be set to boot as soon as power is supplied, which the ComputeStick can. Until Lenovo provides a solution, this is not appropriate for networking closets, as we intended.

  • Laura Esther DiIoia - Needs a Delay Before It Shoots Out The Ball!!!

    In this newer version of the iFetch made for bigger dogs, they removed the delay from the time the ball is dropped into the machine to when it shots out. As a result, my dog keeps getting hit in the face!!!! He doesn't have time to run and "get ready". He doesn't really like it because it shoots too fast for him to catch it. The only thing he can do is chase after it. I started telling him to "get ready" (e.g. go and lay down and wait for the ball to come to him) and I drop it into the iFetch. Kind of defeats the purpose. I wish they would let you turn on or turn off a delay. Definitely can't be used the way I imagined.

  • Clydetta O'Dell - Menthol Camphor MJedicated Cough Suppressant Rub

    I find this excellent for winter sinus trouble because it keeps the dry air from irritating the nose. It is good for colds also.