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  • Gene editing: When is GMO "not" GMO? - The USDA has decided that "gene-editing" is not a form of genetic modification. What were they smoking?
  • Now Healthy Eating is a Mental Disorder! - The lunacy that is psychiatry now classifies healthy eating as a mental disorder - the lunatics have taken over the asylum!
  • Swine Flu Pandemic | What should you do? - The media are making a lot of hype about the swine flu pandemic they say is comeing, but what is the trugh and what should you do about it?
  • Water Power and hydrogen fuel systems - Water poer and hydrogen fuel systems to increase fuel efficienct or even replace gasoline
  • SLS-free products | personal care products without SLS/SLES etc - SLS free products, including SLS-free shampoos, SLS-free soaps, SLS-free toothpastes etc
  • Modern medicine. Effects of modern medicine and why modern medicine should be avoided - People are getting fatter, sicker and are doing so younger than ever. Is modern medicine helping us or is it part of the problem?
  • Womens health. Womens health problems and solutions - Straightforward, practical steps to recoverring from a variety of common womens health problems
  • heart disease | ischemic heart disease - heart disease is one of the top three kilers in the USA (alongside doctors and cancer). But what is it, how can you prevent it (you WILL be surprised) and if you have it, what can you do to get rid of it (you will be EVEN MORE SURPRISED)?
  • water | dehydration | drinking water - water. In an age where our water suplies are (supposedly) the best ever, why is dehydration still not only a major killer, but the cause of so much chronic disease?.
  • Cholesterol and heart disease. Role of cholesterol in heart diseas - Cholesterol and heart disease. Has the battle against cholesterol been won or is it a battle that should even be fought?
  • Food Supplements Directive Illegal. Judge says that food supplements directive cannot become law. - An amazing victory for common sense and dietary freedom was secured yesterday when the Advocate General of the European Courts of Justice declared the European Food Supplements Directive "Illegal"
  • High cholesterol symptoms | symptoms of high cholesterol - High cholesterol symptoms are difficult for many to recognise. We present high cholelsterol symptoms and causes.
  • Low cholesterol foods | Can low cholesterol food lower your cholesterol? - Low cholesterol foods are all the rage, but do they work, what are they and can low cholesterol food do more harm than good?
  • High cholesterol diet | What is the right diet for highcholesterol levels? - So, you have a "high cholesterol diet" and need a diet for high cholesterol levels. Here we explain what a high cholesterol diet is and the correct diet for high cholesterol levels.
  • Lower your cholesterol. How to achieve lower cholesterol - If you think you need o lower your cholesterol, you need to know how, and most importantly WHY
  • Cholesterol levels | What medicine ISN'T telling you about them - Are cholesterol levels something you should worry about? Find out what medicine has been hiding from you for years . . .
  • Vitamin Safety. Just how safe are your supplements? - Vitamin Safety. Doctors decry them, the press tells us they're unsafe, but just how dangerous are Vitamins, and to whom?

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  • Regular Amazon Shopper - Perfect bag

    I needed a Bach to carry on when I travel. This bag has compartments for my CPAP, the cords, hose and mask. It also has room for my laptop and iPad with room left over for other articles. It is ergonomic ally designed. Recommend it without reservation.

  • Amazon Customer - Good product so far!

    Currently using this with Brazilian butt lift pills. Just a few weeks now, twice a day. To simply put it, my booty is hittin heavy! Lol which is a good thing if you're not familiar with the term "heavy" in regards to booty lol