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  • Old School - Jeep Underhood Light

    This is the exact part used for my existing Wrangler underhood light. I added it to the drivers side of the hood so that I have a light on each side of the inline engine. I bought the mating connector from Mouser Electronics. The mating connector body is (Delphi)P/N 15305086 and you need to order 2 contacts (terminals), P/N 12176636.

  • J. Sharp - Works wonders for keratin overgrowth—but you have to commit to it and keep it up for months.

    This stuff really works—for thickening toenails, and keratin overgrowth. Two doctors diagnosed my problem as nail fungus. I took several rounds of crazy meds to treat a fungus and had bloodwork done to make sure it wasn't damaging my liver--and it didn't do anything. I tried all kinds of things, tea tree oil, over the counter treatments. Finally, I went to a good dermatologist who had lab work done. Turns out it wasn't a fungus, only keratin overgrowth. The dermatologist said there wasn't much I could do, try hair, skin and nail vitamins. That didn't do it.

  • Valerie J. Seamons - Amazing

    This printer is a work horse. We love the fact that it does not take print cartridges, but instead you are able to fill an Inkwell easily. I use this printer off and while I am working at home, making copies for my classroom. The quality of the copies is amazing, and it is ultra quiet in operation. This was a wise investment for our home.

  • T. Howard - Not Ready For Prime Time

    I tried to like this camera. I'm a bit of a tech junkie. And, I was eagerly anticipating its release. I took it out snowboarding on Vail Mountain. The camera "froze up" several times. When this happens, you have to remove your helmet, remove the camera, open the waterproof container, and remove the battery. Very frustrating. The operating system is horribly clunky, and time consuming to use. The GoPro App completely drains the battery of the camera quickly and is essentially useless. I think it is the wifi in the camera that is a terrible drain on the battery. The photos that I was able to take were nice; but, not worth the headache. The video I was able to take was not smooth flowing, it was very jerky. I'm taking my camera back for a refund.