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  • M. Cloney - Any other dance game is superior

    They really dropped the ball on this one. It should be called Just Simon Says or something along those lines, because the dance moves are so esoteric and impossible to mimic quickly that one quickly becomes frustrated. I'm sure you can turn off the video recording on the Kinect, but it was HORRIFYING to see myself dancing after each song. That's probably more on me for being a despicable dancer, but still. UbiSoft has been slowly going downhill with this series, and with this one I think they've reached rock-bottom. Nowhere to go but up? Maybe. But after buying four other titles in this series I think this is probably my last.

  • MeatH3AD - Item as described

    Great fuel door and easy installation instructions. It took me no more than ten minutes to complete the installation. Added a great look to my already black Jeep. The install requires the removal of your driver side tail light (4screws), disconnect the tail light, and push two tabs with your fingers to remove the factory Insert. The fuel door is very sturdy and retracts to the closing position when you push the door flushed with the vehicle.

  • Eliannawhm - Okay read

    The story is okay but doesn't really get going until about the middle. The characters also suffer in development you never really care about them. The format is far too similar to others that are much better. In the end though it's enough to pique interest but not hold it past just wanting to see the end and be done with it

  • Cathryn - Exactly like the picture!,

    I purchased Wilson a couple months ago as a gift. Well I finally got to visit him in person. I was so impressed beyond what I expected to see. He looks even better in person than on here

  • BUCKY B - Seriously AMAZING.

    It's EPIC. It's just beyond EPIC!! The absolute HORROR of war that it portrays will move you. It looks great. So much story behind it. And it's real weapons that actually existed. Not some stupid laser gun and walking on walls and crap.

  • Brian Woodbury - 3 Stars for now, my updates could raise or lower the number of stars

    My wife mentioned this product a year or so ago and I let it slide. At the time we didn't have the $400 floating around for something I didn't have a lot of faith in. Having installed a number of various multi-scanners for the Company I worked at (in 2005) were this price or higher and all I heard were complaints. Our time machine brings us to 2013, and one of the customers of the company I now work for bought one and wanted it installed with some time spent explaining what did what, etc. I figured it would be a great chance to see if anything had changed much in the last 8 years. It has.

  • Sven - Not just for the gals!

    Even though I'm a guy, I bought a pac of these pens on my therapist's recommendation to help me get in touch with my "feminine side." i've been using these pens for a month now, and you just would not believe the change! For one thing I'm no longer reluctant to ask for directions when I get lost! My personal hygiene has improved immensely and I've started helping the Missus with the household chores! Thanks BIC, you saved my marriage!