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  • terry bradshaw - Great product.. Nicely Priced.. Very quit

    Works great nice size tank largest in its class. Also is 110psi most run 90psi. Ive read complaints about not having an off switch on the pick. Thats why we have two hands. Then I read that the on off button is hard to activate and will fall off a pedestal sink when turning on and off. Simple solutions is to grab the unit like a coffee mug placing fingers around the side and back of unit therefore bracing it. Or remove the extra tray that hold extra tips. Then you lower your hand over the area were the extra tips tray wad use your fingers let them slide over the lip and use your thumb to turn off and on the switch with your thumb kind of like pinching action. Your fingers are again bracingvthe unit. Both ways I described your fingers are bracing the unit so it doesn't get pushed back and your thumb activates switch. The switch loosens up after a week or so. Its really not an issue unless your all thumbs and have lack of dexterity issues. This is a great product and is much quieter then units twice the price. Its everything you need and much more. Even after brushing and flossing you'll still blow particles of food loose. Its amazing how much debris remains after brushing and flossing. It makes you not want to kiss anyone unless they to have and use an h2ofloss. Ive had my unit for two weeks and its far better then the last two water picks that I've used.

  • BookLady - It Works!

    I suffer from Interstitial cystitis which I manage through modifying my diet to eliminate foods that trigger the problem. But it is so hard to be 100% "good" when lots of favorite foods can trigger a flare up (think: chocolate, citrus, tomatoes, onions, alcohol, caffeine, spices, and many others). My doctor recommended AZO for flare ups and it works every time. I only need to use a couple of tablets once or twice a week, but it takes away the pain and discomfort. Beware that your urine will turn a deep bright orange for a day.