Best Acne Treatment – Proactiv, Acnezine, & Exposed Reviews - Exposed Skin Care – the best acne treatment? Does science + nature = clear skin? Read our review of this popular treatment system.

  • Top 3 Acne Treatments - #1 – Exposed Skin Care Best for oily to normal skin Exposed Skin Care is the best set of products around for oily to normal acne-prone skin. The company reports that 98% of users saw improvement in their complexions in […]
  • Acne Treatments Comparison Chart - Proactiv Exposed Skin Care ClearPores Skin ID Effectiveness Safety Guarantee Good for: Sensitive skin Normal skin Oily skin Customer reviews Products included 3 5 3 3 Price (60 day supply) $39.90 $49.95 $83.99 $45 Overall score Ranking #7 #1 #2 […]
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  • Exposed Skin Care - The Best Acne Treatment Combining Science + Nature - Exposed Acne Treatment is a powerful natural and scientific acne medicine guaranteed to clear your skin and prevent new acne in 30 days or less.
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  • Exposed Skin Care Review - If you’re more than ready to do away with your acne, Exposed Skin Care offers a unique product line that is unlike anything else out there. You may have tried over-the-counter medications that simply weren’t strong enough, or gone to […]
  • ClearPores Review - If you’ve read the reviews of ClearPores users, you probably can already tell that this unique product is potentially better than many other treatments on the market today. It has an effective holistic approach to the eradication of blemishes using […]
  • Neutrogena Skin ID Review - Acne is fairly common, but those who suffer with it wish it was much less common, and that’s where Neutrogena Skin ID comes in. It will help you get rid of the unattractive blemishes that make you wish you could […]
  • What Everyone With Acne Needs to Know about Neutrogena Skin ID - Neutrogena Skin ID is a unique product selection system that asks you 18 questions to direct you to the Neutrogena products that are most likely to heal your skin. In a five-minute skin quiz (there are no wrong answers), the […]
  • Clean and Clear Review - It’s hard to find your way through the myriad of acne treatment products available today, but Clean and Clear is an interesting product at first glance. You don’t want to throw more money at a problem you’ve probably tried to […]
  • Murad Acne Complex Review - There are hundreds of products that will claim to cure your acne, and Murad Acne Complex is a treatment system on the high-end price-wise, having been developed by dermatologists. The scientific results of ingredients testing are proven. It has more […]
  • MaxClarity Review - MaxClarity is a foam product designed to help people of any age to effectively combat acne. This system for skin care has three different products that will, the makers claim, clear up acne and prevent new breakouts. The use of […]
  • Rodan and Fields Unblemish Review - Acne may be brought on by stress, hormones and genetics, and about 85% of people will experience it sometime in their lives. Many people mistakenly believe that acne only affects teenagers, but it actually affects about 30-40% of adult-aged women. […]
  • AcneFree Review - AcneFree is a popular product for getting rid of acne and giving your skin a new glow. It’s based on benzoyl peroxide, which has been well-proven to fight acne. This is only one part of the three-piece AcneFree kit. The […]
  • Zenmed Derma Cleanse Review - If you suffer from acne, there’s little doubt that you have always looked for ways to improve the look of your skin. If you use Zenmed properly and on a regular basis, you may still be able to achieve healthy, […]
  • Vitamin B12 for Acne - Vitamin B12 is the form of vitamin B that usually doesn’t find its way into “complete B” vitamin supplements. If you need supplemental vitamin B12, it’s necessary to take a separate nutritional supplement, or, in some cases, to get a […]
  • Acne Underneath Your Toupee - Here’s a topic that is a real concern for men (and women) who wear hair replacements that we haven’t found discussed anywhere. Acne can break out on the scalp underneath toupees and wigs that come in contact with the scalp. […]

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  • Carol Buchanan - Great Product!

    Very good quality product and blends very well with my flooring. Shipping was fast. I am very pleased with this purchase.

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    This product did do its job, but my problem was somewhere else. I am going to but some more in the futute because it sounds like a quick fix.

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    This is the best college book, period. I've looked at a lot of them. This one tells you more beyond just the statistics.