Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - Home - Welcome to!   Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. was founded in Schenectady, New York in 1983 as an Independent Practice Association (IPA), by a small group of community-minded physicians. The goal was to lay the groundwork for a local, Schen

  • Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - mvma IPA - serving physicians for 30 years - Our MissionTo ensure physician autonomy and input into the delivery of medical care through advocacy & involvement in policy-making, processes & negotiations. To strengthen the organization financially by participating in a risk arrangement that encourages
  • Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - mvma physicians' organization, llc - MVMA PO was formed in 2000 in response to the development of new lines of business beyond the traditional HMO commercial product.  This organization contracts with MVP for its self-funded, PPO, Indemnity and HSA products.  The PO and IPA are arms' length b
  • Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - The MVMA foundation - The IPA Board of Directors formed The MVMA Foundation in November 2003 as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) private foundation to benefit charitable organizations that engage in the promotion of health either by delivering health care services or by providing public
  • Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - Newsletters & Announcements - Check out this page for recent communications from  Dr. Toll, physician newsletters, and other information specific to the MVMA network physicians.

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  • Justin Wilson - Works Great

    This product works great. I have a light weight picture hanging with these strips. It has been up for about a year and had no issues with it. They are a better solution then nails or double sided tape.

  • Chad Herrella - Awesome version 1.0

    Awesome robot. I wanted this to be an alternative to having a pet dog without the cleaning up after one. I just wanted something moving around the house doing its own thing and when i have time for it will want to play with me.

  • sammy duffill - BEWARE

    I am not really rating their equipment or their machine as I am not yet proficient enough to make a review. It isn't as simple as described or shown - with a LOT of practice it might get better but that is NOT my complaint. My complaint is with the company service. At no time was I told that I would be put on a membership thing where makeup would be supplied on a regular basis. I do not use makeup a lot and this would never work for me. It said to write to cancel so both my daughter and I emailed the company to cancel. We were told we had to phone so my daughter phoned for both of us and when she was done thought she had it settled. Then she text me and said for me to phone to make sure mine was cancelled because it had said her issue was resolved and mine was part of her issue. I phoned to see if mine was cancelled and was told it was not I would have to phone back almost a month later to cancel. I told her my daughter had had hers cancelled and we ordered at the same time. She looked up my daughters account and there was nothing cancelled. This is a SCAM as far as I am concerned and it is very upsetting. On top of this when we ordered I had paid an extra %.95 for a rush delivery and my daughter had not and I got mine AFTER my daughter got hers. When I phoned about this I was told there was nothing they could do about it because we ordered on line? If I had ordered by phone they would have done something ? ? Like REALLY ???? Anyways I just want you to know their custom service is no service at all. I am sure if you are ordering more you get what you want but if you have a problem forget it.

  • University Doc - Not perfect: Pay attention/Look over your return before mailing or emailing it out!

    I'&ve been using H&R Block tax software regularly since about 2008. Before that I tried TurboTax once and didn't like that it rounded off the numbers to the advantage of the IRS and not accurately for me. Hence, the switch to H&R Block.Each year this program does a good job of doing what it is supposed to do without any big issues. Each year, I find I could only give it four stars for one reason or another. This year, I like the added feature of deduction Pro being part of the program: you put in your charity donations of property, etc. and you can skip DeductionPro and add your own value, or use DeductionPro and use their value, which is now part of the internal program. No more using Deduction Pro separately: no having to go to a website. nothing. This is the best part of this tax program for 2012. placing a market value on donatons is always an inconvenience: Not anymore. Hopefully, H&R Block keeps this feature exactly as it is.

  • B. Kein - Disappointed...

    I'm an avid short story reader and I rarely find fault with the annual Best American Short Stories, but this 2014 collection seems to lack the lyricism, grace and style I would expect to find in such a well-regarded volume.

  • A. Doyle - Healthy glow.

    I first tried this thru Ipsy and I was instantly in love. The color gives me a healthy glow. Before my cheeks were always pale due to monthly chemo treatments, nothing I used stayed on all day or gave me a healthier look. I have had so many compliments from others on the shade and healthy glow it gives.