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  • Chad Torkkola - The greatest guitar training tool I have ever encountered.

    For about 2 years in my twenties I played the guitar every day. I learned a few chords and a couple songs. I loved it but as things go, life moved on and I put it down never to pick it back up. Enter RockBand / guitar hero. Playing those games I could sometimes get close to the feeling that I would get from playing guitar back in my twenties. I played a ton of Rockband over the last 5 years and I love that game dearly.

  • pastapadre - Stands solid on its own, but disappointing for those who moved on to XB1/PS4 FIFA

    2014 FIFA World Cup is a difficult game to properly assess. It offers up a compelling experience, something the every-four-years edition has become known for, but one that will feel notably old-gen to those who played FIFA 14 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

  • Patti P - Would not buy again

    I bought this because it was significantly cheaper than the name brand Minoval, and I got 3 bottles for about the price of one. It did not arrive in retail packaging which freaked me out. How do I know the contents of the bottle were not tampered with? You don't. It's a risk. Also, the seller did not provide a applicator, which is supposed to be included in the contents of the box.

  • martha bryan - marvelous machine

    i sew professionally, so I was in search of a machine that could keep up with me. After seeing the machines that cost 300 plus, I thought I couldn't afford a decent machine. I saw this machine in a fabric store, ( for 100.00 more than I paid for mine ), and almost bought it. I always check Amazon's prices before I succumb to retail, and was happy to find it there. I am so pleased with this machine, that I am going to buy a second one, soon.