Mind over Meniere's | - If you suffer from Meniere's Disease, there is hope! Mind over Meniere's is an exploration of treatment strategies that work.

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  • http://www.mindovermenieres.com/menieres-disease-something-i-have/#comments Meniere's Disease: It's Something I Have, Not Something I Am - I recently had the chance to connect with Joe Zavala, an award winning journalist who suffers from Meniere's disease. This is his story.
  • http://www.mindovermenieres.com/journey-with-menieres-disease/#comments My Journey with Meniere's Disease: A Special Presentation - I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation on Meniere's disease to a group of college students studying to be physical therapy assistants.

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  • Amazon Customer - Designer Look at a Great Price

    I have narrow feet and the ASICS Metrolyte fit beautifully, and I love the upscale look of the 'tweed' fabric. Purchased as a city walker/lightweight travel shoe, After an impromptu hike of about three miles, I wouldn't recommend them in place of an exercise shoe, but as an add on for times when a full-on sport shoe is too much (like walking in Europe). I needed an additional arch support pad, which is not unusual as I have a very high arch that makes shoe shopping a pain. I will definitely buy this shoe again!

  • bonstar2 - A Must Have!

    I have used Watkins products for years and am always satisfied. The menthol rub is GREAT for colds in the winter but can be used any time you need soothing. Sore throat? This is my go to remedy...put it on, wrap up your throat and go to sleep. The next day you will be feeling much better. Reapply as needed.

  • hydrophilic - A must-have for potty training

    It's very important to clean up your puppy's messes with an enzyme cleaner so that the smell of urine is completely eradicated. Using various soaps may erase the smell sufficiently for the human nose, the dog's nose knows, and once your dog has established a spot, s/he will likely go there again. Nature's Miracle is the best product I've found for cleaning scents thoroughly enough to prevent my dog from returning to the scene of his crime. I like the spray bottle because I have hardwood floors, and you don't want to just pour liquid on the floor.

  • Eve Vawter - Social Justice Tied Up In A Brilliant Red Bow

    Luvvie tells it like it is, but with so much heart and soul and a mess of side-eye'd YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER that you can't help but want to DO better after reading her life lessons. Plus, she is so painfully funny that you don't even realize you are being schooled the entire time you are reading. #And#She#Will#Hate#This#Hashtag#Abuse#But#You#Need#To#Buy#This#Book#For#Everyone#You#Know#LOVE#Luvvie

  • bookalot23 - SOFTWARE BUG--AGI

    BE CAREFUL. The AGI that the program imports from your last years tax return in order to electronically sign it, is INCORRECT. Manually check and verify this number and change if necessary. I checked on the internet, and many people have had a problem with this , it causes your return to be rejected, of course. I am very surprised at H&R Block for having this software bug. Hopefully, a software update will correct it. Until then, BUYER BEWARE! I am very glad to have noticed the figure was incorrect before sending the return.

  • meglit77 - work great

    It is very easy to snap in and out. Its just a bummer you need to buy everything seperately. Although you can't use the stroller with an infant seat without it. Unless you wait until they are old enough to sit up.

  • Anthony Segredo - Five stars if you don't listen to his radio program.

    99% of this I knew from his radio program which I heartily recommend. Not sure if it was fair to cut a star because I had heard all this before. If you don't know Thom Hartmann's show, definitely buy the book.