Hair Transplantation - Hair Treatment - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic performs F.U.E. hair transplants. Our dedicated Doctors are capable of recreating nature by restoring your hair.

  • About Us - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - We are an independent company that works for the client and not for the clinic.
  • Women Info - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - The bald male is accepted, even celebrated, in today's society. But a bald woman?
  • Men Info - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - Hair loss is a problem that occurs both in Men and Women and has a major psychological impact as a consequence.
  • FUE vs FUT Method - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - There are several hair transplant methods doctors can perform. The “strip” method or FUT is the most commonly performed method.
  • M.H.R. Clinic FUE - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - The design and distribution of hair follicles during the placement is one of the most crucial factors and solely depends on the skill of the Doctor.
  • Non Shaven U-FUE - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - An Unshaven or U-FUE Hair Transplant involves careful extraction of donor hair
  • Guaranteed Results - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - MHR are confident of our expertise and dedication to our clients and being able to meet our clients goal. With realistic expectations.
  • Dr Ioannis Marmagiolis M.D. - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - Doctor Ioannis Marmagiolis MD is a specialized FUE Hair Transplant doctor with over 10 years experience.
  • Dr. Badwi Elias - Medical Hair Restoration Clinic - FMH*, Specialist in Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive SurgerySenior physician at the Geneva University Hospital

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    City: 23.7167 , Greece

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