What is metronidazole 500mg? (Flagyl): Reviews, Order. - Flagyl has a vaginal form of pills. Topical application of vaginal tablets Metronidazole pills has a minimal bioavailability having no clinical significance.

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  • steve - The camera it's self looked fine but the first flag was when I pushed the ...

    I find reviews to be very help full and when I seen the reviews on this I was really impressed. Well... I am almost thinking these reviews are payed for or something. The camera it's self looked fine but the first flag was when I pushed the start button. I found it NOT easy to use as most reviews say and I do know my way around electronics. The menu was not working, could not play back at all on anything.. Could not tell you what the photos or videos looked like because as I said would not work on any device I have. I'm very happy about Amazon's return policy or I really would have been mad.

  • Consumer727 - This one has everything you need and more. Well constructed.

    Having used the brand Waterpik brand products in the past I was delightfully surprised at what a value this HRofloss was for the money. First, it comes with a ton of accessories, like a tongue cleaner and even a nasal irrigation attachments. It had a huge reservoir. I'm usually done irrigating well before I run out of water. Of course you can adjust the power of the water jet. The water pick itself is on a nice long tube. I like it.

  • joyce - The umbrella reinvented!

    I can't believe I could like an umbrella so much. This is a very large size. I love that the design is on the underside so I get to see it when I am using it. I love the handle shape, not the typical "J" shape so you have a grip even if your hand slips your hand is secure. You won't slip because it is rubber, not platic. The best part is how this umbrella closes. It closes in the opposite direction of what we have all been used to. It folds upwards. The water is caught inside rather than going everywheremail. It doesn't wet the floor, or your car. The car is the best place to see how this reinvented closure works.I can get into my car with the umbrella open to protect me, and then close it when the door is mostly closed and not get wet, and bring my not drippy umbrella into the car. I love this!

  • Woozie - Manscaper

    I absolutely love this device! I just completed my second treatment cycle yesterday but I will say that after one treatment I had definitely noticed less growth. Of course, I have only used it in spot areas that I normally trim. The i-Light is extremely easy to use and quite painless although I only used it on the lowest setting. I do think that it's important to shave or trim as close as possible because it seems more painful if the area has more hair. I think this product is perfect for the guys too. I will still trim areas but it's ingenious for the spot treatments! Buy it for your man!!!

  • Panuch - Practical but not really functional

    I do a lot of off roading so I ditched my standard 3 foot tall antenna a long time ago. It would always get banged around by trees and anything else my truck was crawling through. I moved to a 14 inch rubber antenna that served its purpose for the most part. I came across the Stubby and was in love with the idea of having a really short antenna that would most likely never get touched by anything. I was not disappointed when it showed up. The size was perfect and material seemed really tough. I thought for sure I had my winner. Unfortunately, I think I got more reception with no antenna on at all than with the Stubby in place. Channels that I should have been able to get with a piece of tin foil shoved in there were not coming in at all. I drove around with it for a day or two and it never got better no matter what part of town i was in. I sent this back and was able to get a refund from Amazon. I went back to the rubber antenna.

  • Sheila - Gift for daughter and she loved it!

    According to my teen, this is the best "Just Dance" yet, she loves the music and the dances. I've tried it with her and I agree, it's lots of fun, great stress reliever, party game, family night fun, or just whenever you feel like dancing! Great way to get some exercise too! I'd recommend to anyone that wants an active, fun, video game.

  • SV from AZ - It does what it says it will

    I have fibrosis of the lungs due to a bird allergy of years ago. This product is said to help with dissolving the scar tissue - the fibrosis. I do feel it has helped me a lot. I've taken it for almost a year now and am pleased with easier breathing. It also is said to help with inflamation, and while I have not had any joint problems, none have developed, so perhaps this is a good preventative.