Medipense - medication management, remote patient monitoring, automated pill dispenser - Medipense is more than a pill reminder, pill organizer, medication reminder or pill dispenser, it automates opening of Dispill blister pack for to ensure medication adherence.

  • Medipense automatic pill dispenser, medication therapy management products - Medipense medication dispenser is a simple, secure, connected way to manage complex medication regimens. Seniors, veterans and chronic care patients adhere.
  • Medipense medication therapy management for seniors, vets, clinical - Medipense medication dispenser is a simple, secure, connected way to manage complex medication regimens. Seniors residences, VA, Clinical Trials, Hospitals

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  • Silverclone1 - More impressive than expected!

    My Giro Aeon arrived just in time for a New York Heat wave, so my first ride truly tested what this helmet could do in 93 degree humid weather (real feel including humidity= 100 degrees on this day) for a 30-mile ride. Once unpacked, I was easy able to fit the Giro Aeon helmet to my head (follow the Giro booklet instructions if you are not sure how to fit a helmet). Walking through my house I was initially surprised to feel air channel through. This helmet is so light; I forgot I was wearing it at one point. Now, onto the test -93 degree heat: I wore a sweat blocker head band under the helmet, so most of my head was exposed under the helmet. Moving at 8-14mph I could feel the cooling power of these vents, and once I got up to 21mph I was no longer feeling the heat at all. Hitting downhill speed at 45mph and tucked, I noticed the airflow channeling effectively. I attained 5 Strava Personal Records on this ride –did the helmet help? I think it played a large part because I was not overheating at all. Some mentioned hearing a noise similar to a car approaching when air is flowing through. At high speeds I did hear this and looked back a couple of times. It is a similar sound, but once I was able to differentiate the two sounds, the airflow sound became unapparent. In mid-ride, I stopped. In this humid 93 degree weather day, my head did not feel nearly as hot as my previous helmet, and did not feel a need to take it off. This helmet is extremely light and comfortable. Style-wise, the Giro Aeon looks wonderful and adjusts well, even on the fly. Well worth the money. Ask me in six months about my New York Winter Ride results…

  • Drew - Paper quality is fine. Use pens that don't bleed.

    This and Q-Bank are pretty much necessary for Step 1 study materials. I bought this to replace my 2013 version since it had a considerate amount of more pages. The paper quality is comparable - highlight and writing in pages doesn't bleed through (must depend on type of pen). Get Papermate InkJoy since they're cheap, come with a variety of colors, and don't dispense a lot of ink. Off-brand highlighter works fine w/out bleeding.

  • Gary - Good as pain/muscle relief.

    Hot Cream for Cellulite, Muscle, Pain Relief - I m not sure how well this is for cellulite but as a muscle/pain relief it is really good. My knee have been hurting, this is from a couple of challenging hike this last weekend. I decided to give this item a try as a pain reliever. It goes on smooth and easy, almost immediately it starts to heat up. If feels like other muscle cream but without the medicine smell. Just one use my knee was felling better. I will leave the cellulite testing for my wife. But for now it works good as a pain releif cream.