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  • Nicole - What a scam...

    This whole line is a joke. Any review with more than 1 star is OBVIOUSLY a person trying to sell this stuff ( hence the email addresses added to the end of the "great" reviews) i paid over $60 for 4 masks and it did absolutely NOTHING to my skin. DON'T waste your hard earned money on this garbage. Everyone is trying to make a buck off this crap and i somehow got roped into it. Ill stick to the SK-II masks they actually work!

  • A. Davis - Changed our lives

    This book helped me understand the relationship between food and certain symptoms. For us was seasonal allergies and eczema. We haven't done everything the book says, but we are definitely eating more broths, more healthy fats, no wheat, no grains, lots of probiotics, and just with those simple changes our life have changed. Don't be afraid of trying. It sounds overwhelming but you can do small changes at a time and you will still see the results.

  • Terry - Great knife but the sheath hardware corrodes in saltwater

    I am writing this review after six-months of use. The reason for the missing star is due to the sheath having a knife-locking system made from a softer, metal that corrodes in saltwater. I love the knife and feel the knife alone is worth the price. It has everything I could want in a kayak-knife: Square semi-sharp tip, serrated edge, and most important, a recessed line-cutter on the back of the blade that will accept larger diameter cordages. The blade is nicely designed and has adequate heft that feels good in the hand, for a less-expensive, yet not cheaply made knife. While I have never drawn the knife for the use it was intended for, I have needed it for cutting cord and light prying. Now on to the sheath...finger-clasps that release the knife are made of some mild-metal and corrode badly in saltwater, even though I rinse everything I use in fresh water within an hour of getting home. I'm guessing I will need to discontinue using the sheath after a year because the corrosion will be advance enough to effect the integrity of the sheath. Had the option been available, I would have paid more for this knife with stainless steel hardware.