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    My son has taken Threelac due to so much antibiotic use in his little life. It has helped tremendously! He has horrible allergies that turn into ear infections - this product cut down on all the side effects of antibiotic use. It also cleared up his eczema. On top of that, we live in a part of the country where stomach bugs are rampant as well as the rotavirus. It cleared up the rotavirus within 24 hours and kept him from many bouts of the stomach bug while his friends were down with it. I can't recommend it enough!

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    After watching a video online on lawn care, they recommended this fertilizer brand. I didn't hesitate to purchase it as I was desperate to get the grass to grow and this was in late fall. I used it with Jonathan Green FASTGROW after using an electric tiller to till the entire lawn. The results were fantastic. I have seen my neighbors yard. His grass is always healthy and dark green year round and his is the only one that looks that way. He said he used Milorganite with Jonathan Green fast grow seeds. I have seen results first hand and I don't think you should spend on trying and testing other brands. Just go for the best. This is it.

  • Mark Harris - Funny

    Is a nice short story. Classic Vonnegut. Was not really sure where he was going with it but it was good.

  • Lynn Ross - Perfect Diet!

    This diet plan was NOT created for people to 'lose' weight. It was created for people who needed to feel better, bring down their blood sugar, lose their brain fog, have more energy. Weight loss is a added plus.