Healing Magnets for the Treatment of Arthritis, Back & Knee Pain, Sciatica, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, circulation and general pain. Magnets for dogs, magnetic dog collars, magnets for cats, cruciate ligaments, bursitis, frozen shoulder, endometriosis, migraine, headaches, magnetic dog beds. - Magnetic Attraction has been producing Quality Magnetic Therapy products for Fast, Effective, Drug Free Pain Relief for arthritis, sciatica, migraine, back and knee pain etc. since 2001..

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  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Magnetic-Body-Clips-and-Shoulder-Pads/ Magnetic Body Clips and Shoulder Pads - Magnetic Attraction - Powerful 3000 gauss magnets, genuine leather clip on pouch, to help manage arthritis, sciatica, back pain, shoulder pain, period pain, neck pain etc.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Magnetic-Body-Supports-and-Leather-Wrist-Straps/ Magnetic Body Supports and Leather Wrist Straps - Magnetic Attraction - Quality magnetic straps including neoprene and leather styles, great for knee, wrist, ankle, elbow, foot and ankle including arthritis.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Mattress-Pads-%7B47%7D-Underlays%7B47%7DPillow-Inserts/ Mattress Pads / Underlays/Pillow Inserts - Magnetic Attraction - Great for a restful nights sleep, may assist in insomnia, reducing headaches and migraines and all over body comfort, wake up feeling great.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Magnetic-Water-Products/ Magnetic Water Products - Magnetic Attraction - Drinking NORTH Pole magnetized water may assist your body to heal itself and remain in an alkaline state. No more need for expensive bottled water!
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Magnetic-Jewellery/ Magnetic Jewellery - Magnetic Attraction - Handmade to your size, quality magnetic hematite bracelets and necklaces using gemstones and stirling silver. Used for arthritis, circulation and general pains.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Magnetic-Pet-Collars-and-Mats/ Magnetic Pet Collars and Mats - Magnetic Attraction - If your pet is in pain and you are looking for holistic health care, use magnetic therapy as an alternative to medical or veterinary intervention.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Rare-Earth-Magnetic-Discs/ Rare Earth Magnetic Discs - Magnetic Attraction - Handy Powerful Rare Earth magnets that can be taped directly onto the area of discomfort. May be used for hands, feet, elbows, neck, elbow or shoulder pain.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Magnetic-Pads/ Magnetic Pads - Magnetic Attraction - Soft comfortable Neoprene pad, may be used for Fast, Effective, Drug Free Pain Relief for arthritis, sciatica, period pain, back pain and prostate issues.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Vinyl-Sealed-Magnets/ Vinyl Sealed Magnets - Magnetic Attraction - Powerful Rare Earth Magnets, sealed and color coded for polarity identification to be used in Body Straps or Duo Water Block.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/categories/Essential-Wallets/ Essential Wallets - Magnetic Attraction - Honour your Precious Essential Oils by carrying them in your handbag, briefcase or suitcase, in these Unique Genuine Leather hand made Essential Oil Wallets.
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/products/MAGNETIC-BODY-STRAP-DELUXE-Magnetic-Support-Straps%2C-Knee%2C-Elbow%2C-Wrist%2C-Ankles--------NOTE%2A-Order-magnets-separately-with-this-product..html MAGNETIC BODY STRAP DELUXE Magnetic Support Straps, Knee, Elbow, Wrist, Ankles NOTE* Order magnets separately with this product. - Magnetic Attraction - The Magnetic Attraction “Magnetic Body Strap” is a uniquely designed strap which enables you to choose the strength, quantity and size of your removable vinyl sealed magnet
  • http://www.magneticattraction.com.au/products/MAGNETIC-EASY-STRAPS-%252d-Magnets-SEWN-into-Strap.-Magnetic-Support-Straps%2C-Knee%2C-Elbow%2C-Wrist%2C-Foot-Arches%2C-Ankles---.html MAGNETIC EASY STRAPS - Magnets SEWN into Strap. Magnetic Support Straps, Knee, Elbow, Wrist, Foot Arches, Ankles - Magnetic Attraction - The Magnetic EASY STRAP is similar to our famous BODY STRAP with the Powerful Rare Earth magnets SEWN into the strap.

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  • Dannie Harrington - Fantastic

    Yes a great story and yes I would welcome more to come. Fantastic ending to all the conflicts that have plagued the "five" and caused so much destruction. Really enjoyed the new and fantastic technology you brought forth in this and all the stories. Thanks and keep writing.

  • Star - Lovely version

    Beautiful artwork. The language is a little difficult for my 8 year old grandson to understand, but I explain it to him as I read it. He's always interested in the morals.