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  • Joya Apperson - Wonderful bag!

    I bought this bag for my husband and am thrilled with it. It's a VERY nice bag made well, sturdy, and very spacious! Would definitely recommend this bag!

  • liz sorrels - I used my 56 year old husband as a ginny ...

    I used my 56 year old husband as a ginny pig. I took pictures of my husband before No.7 and one month after. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!! What a difference. I'm really impressed. I just ordered 2 more one for me and my husband wanted another one.

  • agelesssatisfied100 - Ageless Male will Boost Free Testosterone

    I was diagnosed with a testosterone level at the low end of the normal range, for both total and free testosterone. This was really by chance during my annual physical, as I was feeling OK otherwise. In any case, I started taking Ageless Male and after a while had my testosterone levels tested twice with a few months of separation. My free testosterone level went up by 20%, but the total level stayed about the same. In any case, my understanding is that the important thing is the free (available) testosterone level. As far as feeling better, I think my libido did increase a bit. I do continue to take it mainly because there are many other health parameters that are supported by healthy free testosterone levels.

  • Courtney Envy - Think of it like your shower drain

    Ok let me start out by saying i give this four stars for what it is truely intended to do which is not lose weight. I think the way that this product is marketed is incorrect. If anyone actually reads into probiotics and what their true purpose is will realize it isn't really meant for weight loss. It's basically a glorified but safe diuretic and stool softener. I.e. it aides in digestion which normally helps your body have less bloating. Can you lose weight with it, sure. But it's not true body weight. It's things stuck in your body that haven't been released yet. It doesn't help you blast away fat or have any Thermogenic properties to actually boost weight loss. You could take ex-lax and a water pill everyday, you will have the same result but it's a lot harsher on your body. This is the safe way to make sure things are running smoothly inside. No more no less. If you stop taking it will you gain weight, yes, if your digestive tract isn't moving correctly.

  • Mr. Fix-it - Look great and decent quality for aftermarket covers.

    Look just like the original covers on my 2008 Camry after attaching the Toyota logos bought separately. Hope they hold up, but the cold temperatures usually crack the ABS plastic gripping tabs that hold them on after a few years.

  • Strap - A Good Review Book

    It's pretty good and helpful. They give you the answer in multiple choice answer in the form of the good ol' A-E format, but they don't have it written down for you to pick in the practice exam portion, so you gotta do it yourself. That's the only irritating thing part about it. I also wish there were more than two practice exams.

  • Tax Accountant - Long, but very useful for tax planning

    Like some of the other reviewers have mentioned, some of the information in this book is useless, unless you are a tax history buff. Some of the historical information is interesting, but in my opinion, it doesn't really add value to the book and the book could be substantially shorter. Maybe for the 2011 edition the author will consider culling some of the fluff.