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  • Howard Ferstler - Slight change in the product

    I have used this rinse for some time, and it seems to work fine. It was highly recommended by my hygenist.

  • Elizabeth - So I'd say it's a good book.

    This is the (only) book My son used for preparing the test, and he got 800. So I'd say it's a good book.

  • Neil L. Inglis - A MUST READ

    The foreknowledge of the happy ending cannot dim the majestic horror of this book. Shackleton's men take every imaginable punishment, and are stretched beyond all conceivable limits (a few seconds in the icy cold water of the Antarctic would be enough to finish me off!). They endured the cold and wet for two long Antarctic winters, and somehow made it out alive, aided by little more than their wits. This is a good book to rub in the noses of small children (or employers) who are fussing and whining about tiny trivialities.

  • PoofWizard - My cat loved it so much she peed on it.

    I bought three of these to stop my cat from peeing on the walls in our newly remodeled rooms. We also hoped it would keep them from scratching on the new furniture and carpet. Strike one, two, and three. It did not stop the scratching and my cat just walked over to the diffuser and peed directly on it. It actually encouraged my other cats to come do the same, so instead of one pee pool there were like a half dozen around the room. Perhaps I just have psycho cats, but for me these were a total waste of money.

  • Mirka3 - Good return for the price.

    It is a good guide to go through the "basics" of a SAT exam. It also provides good exercises. It is not as extensive and detailed as other guides but is good for people that either want to practice more or don't have a lot of time to study. But I still recommend to start with other guides that explain a wider arrange of problems in detail.

  • silvermoonsparkling - lovely!

    I bought this as one of two calendars for 2012. I live in two different cities and spend time visiting my families in both of those cities. I wanted one calendar for each home I live in, and couldn't find this one in stores, so I ordered it here. This calendar has good pictures of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe and one of Kris Jenner. I hung it on my wall in between my windows and it has good quality photos.

  • Leah Kay - This is a simple and low amount of ingredient formula that smells amazing because of essential oils

    Stretching and shrinking of the belly requires extra moisturization on the skin to soak in. I had a baby and currently am on my 45 lb weightloss journey postpartum. While being pregnant, I put on lotion multiple times a day. Postpartum has been a little more of a challenge because I needed to find a more natural product since I have been extended breastfeeding. This is a simple and low amount of ingredient formula that smells amazing because of essential oils. It moisturizes well with not tacky residue. It took about 2 minutes for the butter to soak into my skin. It takes very little of this product t o get enough moisturization for the entire stomach. The entire stomach requires me to use about a teaspoon of product. I have been using this product for about a week and haven't seen any lightening of my stretch marks, but I haven't seen any new stretch marks spring up from my weight loss.