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  • Kindle Customer - Just double sided tape. UPDATE: can be useful

    ***UPDATE: Found a use for these where they actually worked nicely. I have a wireless router in the house and it needs to be in a very specific location to cover the area. It was just sitting on a chair. So I decided to use this to attach it to the wall and it actually worked nicely. The router is small and light, maybe 8 x 6 inches and under a pound. I like the fact the velcro allowed me to get it straight and that it should be easy to remove from the wall/router with that command strip pull tab thing. Still don't understand how you'd hang anything more than a tiny picture with this though. ***END OF UPDATE

  • Amber Eloise - I was expecting a huge box like other sellers usually use so I was glad when ...

    this book came in small packaging which fit the book perfectly, I was expecting a huge box like other sellers usually use so I was glad when I saw that it wasnt. The book was in new condition, and contains items similar to what you will see on your tests, I wish it had more of a actual "study guide" for the different sections, but over all great purchase

  • Susan - Can't wait until the next

    I love this series. You get to know the characters a little more with each book. I can't wait until the next book to see if the baby is born and what they name it. I love mysteries and to see how Aurora figures it out.

  • Fiddler's Green INC - Obama care does it again.

    I used the money I saved by switching to the affordable care act to buy this TV. Thanks President Obama!