Kem Medical Products - Kem Medical Products provides cost-effective health and safety products and services for a safer indoor work place. Our products include toxic vapor monitoring badges, neutralizing products and real-time monitors.

  • Glutaraldehyde/OPA Spill Kits - Safely dispose of Glutaraldehyde and OPA with Kem-Safe Neutralizing spill kit.
  • Glutaraldehyde/OPA Spill Kits - KemSure Formaldehyde spill control kit, safely contain and dispose of formaldehyde spills.
  • Toxic Vapor Monitoring Badges - Kem Medical Products Vapor Trak monitoring badges are easy to use and light-weight.
  • Ethylene Oxide Alarm Systems - Kem Ethylene Oxide gas alarm systems. Detect leaks and spills of all EO mixtures.
  • Glutaraldemeter - Kem Glutaraldemeter is a hand held monitoring device that measures glutaraldehyde exposure.
  • Spill Control Kit - Kem Medical Products spill control kit is designed for spills up to 1/2 gallon of liquid. Easily clean up spills and disposal.
  • Spill Control Pillows - Kem Medical Products spill control pillow is designed to absorb up to 64oz of liquid.
  • Ethylene Oxide and Formaldehyde Warning Signs - Meet OSHA sign requirements for regulated areas where Formaldehyde or Ethylene Oxide is present.
  • Barcode Labels - Premium Bar Code labels. The only labels developed specifically for sterilization processing. Adhesive technology withstands cleaning, washing, and all sterilization processes. Adheres to all modern wrapping materials.
  • On-Site Services - This on-site survey will be performed by Kem Medical Products and is backed by our 30 plus years of expertise in the field of chemical exposure testing and safety in the healthcare industry.¬†All of our products and services are designed to meet and exceed all JCAHO, NIOSH and OSHA requirements.
  • Contact Us - All of your questions answered about toxic vapor monitoring badges and neutralizing Glutaraldehyde, OPA, and formaldehyde.

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  • Danielle M - Amazing

    I LIVE by this product. I use a small concealer brush to apply over areas where I have redness and then blend out onto the rest of my face. I use liquid foundation over this. This product is not meant to be used alone. You don't need much and frankly, if you put too much on it looks uneven once you apply your foundation. Put a bit on and then let your face relax for a few minutes - my face gets red just from rubbing it or putting on foundation for example so if this is true for you, give yourself a minute to let your face return to "normal" before deciding if you need more or if it's time for foundation.

  • Jason - Broke in less than a year

    First the Scan and PDF buttons stopped working. No big deal, I will just select those options in the scan center. Then, I started getting a message every time I put in a piece of paper to scan: "Insert paper in the Neat ADF Scanner." Well, the paper was there. So, of course you take it out, put it back in, and repeat. Still the same error message. What a crock. I liked it fine when it worked, but now it is a $500 paperweight and I am pissed. Oh, and by the way, I am a LIGHT user!!! I only scan personal bills and receipts. So this thing is just not built to last. Buyer be ware.

  • Kathryn Simmermon - We really don't like these seats

    We really don't like these seats. Both of my girls complain that they are uncomfortable and after an hour car ride, we have lots of tears. They look great, however...

  • SUSAN CAMPBELL - Love love this serum!!!

    I am so hooked on Boots products, but this serum is my all time favorite. It not only feels amazing when applied to my face, but it has made a huge difference in my skin! You won't regret trying this if u are undecided!!!