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  • Johnny - Crew cab weatherthec

    I posess a 2013 1500-Rambox Crew Cab and I desided to protect the full floor with a weather tech carpet. It work GREAT!!! It came with a complete set for the front an back of the floor ( of course, front a back sets were spayed separately). The company made a perfect mold of the entire floor to cover precise areas on the floor. I'm satisfyed with this product.

  • Emilee Akey - Lifesaver

    EVERY PARENT NEEDS THIS! I cannot believe I didn't find this until my second child. I used the bulb when my daughter was small, and then used the NoseFrieda after that. When my second child was a couple of months old, I saw this and knew I had to have it. I have used this more than any other item. This is such a lifesaver for my son and for myself. It helps to clear his mucus when he is sick so that he can nurse, eat, and breathe. I will continue to use this on my son and recommend it to any new parent. It may even become my go-to baby shower gift (even though it doesn't appear to be the cute gift haha)

  • Zero x Zero - Earphones with a unique design

    I've been using the Q900's for several days and they're pretty good earphones. The sound quality is distinct for highs, mids, and lows and they're comfortable to wear. The earbuds are snug in my ears, are lightweight, and the design is rather unique.

  • Nellie - Super handy to have an pretty easy to put on ...

    Super handy to have an pretty easy to put on if you follow the great directions posted by others in the reviews. Thanks for that!! We put them on my husband's Grand Cherokee (2011) and they are very solid. We took a yakima roof-top carrier 5 hours to the beach and left on for weeks and it didn't budge. The bars are a lightweight metal and the clamps are plastic, but seem very solid and heavy-duty. Highly recommend and much less expensive than OEM or other top brands.

  • Emilie - After swimming in an ion-charged pool with residue of hair ...

    After swimming in an ion-charged pool with residue of hair spray on my hair, other shampoos left my hair glued together; most distressing to suddenly have one long "dread". This shampoo, I am told by a hair salon beautician from Hawai'i, was designed for cleaning hair with excessive exposure to salt from the ocean. It fixed my "dreadlock" problem and returned my hair to silky. Yay.

  • Justin C. - Highly recommend by a low maintenace lazy girl like me!!

    I am a 54 yr old caucasian female with thick, naturally curly hair. I had received a make over and the stylist spent a loooong time straightening my hair with a flat iron. I liked the style for a change now and then but not something I wanted to put a lot of time into. I am a VERY low mainteneance. After reading the reviews on how easy this is, I went ahead and ordered it. I got it 2 days later! I was excited to try it but was in a middle of a Netlix movie. I actually used it while sitting on my recliner and it took only 5 mins!! I couldn't believe how well it worked. I DID have to follow up the ends with a flat iron to smooth them out. My only complaint is, as I had read, the temperature control is right where your hand is so have to keep on eye on it. I noticed a few times I had decreased the setting by accident. You can't beat the price for this product.

  • Morgaine - Last Hose You Ever Have to Buy

    We bought two of these plus extra washers, and they work better than any hoses we have ever had. They are well made and with the lifetime warranty will be the last hoses we ever have to buy. Be sure and buy the extra washers as they keep any leaks from happening. Very pleased with company, sellers and product.