Knox Community Hospital | Mount Vernon Ohio Hospital Providing Cancer Treatment, Cardiology Services, Women's Health & Much More - Welcome to Knox Community Hospital! A community-owned, 115-bed, not-for-profit hospital located in Mount Vernon, Ohio (approximately 40 miles north east of Columbus).

  • Online Pre-Registration | Knox Community Hospital - Please check in at either Central Registration (main building) or KMP registration areas to let us know you have arrived for your appointment. Thank you.
  • Contact Us | Knox Community Hospital - We ask that patients and/or visitors utilize either our mailing address and the main switchboard number listed below when calling to have concerns addressed. A listing of departments and contacts are below for your convenience, these are also listed at the bottom of each Care and Resource page.  Knox Community Hospital 1330 Coshocton Road Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
  • KnoxWise | Knox Community Hospital - KnoxWise is a KCH publication utilized to share health updates and and information with the Knox County Community.    
  • Job Shadowing | Knox Community Hospital - Job Shadowing Job Shadow placement at KCH provides experiential learning opportunities designed to help individuals learn about health career options as well as the skills that diffrent occupations requires. In the Job Shadow role, you will have the opportunity to experience the workplace setting as well as observe duties performed by health care workers. You may gain understanding of your own interests in the healthcare field as well as see why KCH is In the Community, For the Community.
  • Volunteers | Knox Community Hospital - The Knox Community Hospital Auxiliary recently awarded $16,000 in health career scholarships to area high school graduates and area college students in their third or fourth year of education. Learn More:
  • Health Needs Assessment | Knox Community Hospital - Below in the 'Download' section of this page, you can access the most recent KCH Community Health Needs Assessments.  
  • Organizational Development | Knox Community Hospital - Organizational Development is responsible for providing staff members with ongoing education to ensure high-quality care to our patients. Education Services also provides continuing education programs for nurses within the hospital and the community, provides CPR courses for KCH healthcare team members and the community, and provides Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support courses for KCH and community Healthcare professionals.
  • Future Nurses Club of Knox County | Knox Community Hospital - Over 25 nurses volunteer their time and talent to provide educational and fun activities to encourage high school students to consider a career in nursing. Founded in 2006, the Future Nurses Club of Knox County offers information on the nursing profession to high school students, their parents and guidance counselors.  If you are a high school student considering a career in nursing, join the Future Nurses Club of Knox County.
  • Message To The CEO | Knox Community Hospital - Thank you for visiting our website. Our family of caregivers is comprised of people you know — your friends, family, and neighbors. They are people who care, people you can trust to provide you with high quality healthcare. We hope you'll take the time to browse our website and see for yourself why Knox Community Hospital is quickly becoming the healthcare provider of choice for our region. If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our goal is to be the health care resource for you and your family.
  • Food & Nutrition | Knox Community Hospital - The Knox Community Hospital Food and Nutrition Services Department provides meals for patients, employees, and visitors seven days a week. (Click below for Cafeteria Menu) The cafeteria hours are as follows:
  • Case Management | Knox Community Hospital - Case Management is a proactive clinical system that coordinates the entire spectrum of a patient's care (illness, recovery and prevention), facilitating positive outcomes with timely and appropriate use of resources. Key components are an assessment of the patient's clinical and psychosocial needs, while assisting physicians in organizing services across disciplines to meet these needs.
  • Community Care Network for Our Patients | Knox Community Hospital - The Community Care Network is a free service that provides support to reduce your risk of hospital readmission. Health concerns that may result in referral include:
  • Community Care Network Health Coach | Knox Community Hospital - The Community Care Network of Knox Community Hospital is a collaborative partnership between KCH and local colleges and universities. The program offers students pursuing degrees in the Health Sciences field to provide weekly visits to patients with chronic or ongoing conditions, and to provide support and assistance in meeting their health goals.
  • Health Information Management | Knox Community Hospital - The Health Information Management team at Knox Community Hospital is a group of specially trained medical information specialists who generate and compile accurate and timely medical information about Knox Community Hospital patients.
  • Links To Our Partners In Health | Knox Community Hospital - Partners in Health Knox County Health Department Centers for Disease Control American Heart Association Ohio Department of Health Ohio Hospital Association
  • Notice of Privacy Practices | Knox Community Hospital - This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.Please review it carefully.
  • Online Health Information | Knox Community Hospital - Use good judgment when researching health information online. There is a website for almost every health topic one can imagine and the quality of the information isn't governed. Before you act on any health information you find on the web, scout more than one website in order to discern the accuracy of your findings. And remember to always discuss your concerns with your primary care physician.
  • Financial Assistance Application | Knox Community Hospital - Financial Assistance Information for Knox County Residents In keeping with our mission to care for all patients, listed below are some guidelines to assist you in understanding available financial assistance options. So that you may be able to receive other medical services such as prescription coverage, as well as services offered beyond Knox Community Hospital, we request persons applying for financial assistance at KCH to apply for Medicaid or other governmental options.

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  • Floyd Henry - great

    The Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds are great! When I first took it out of the box, I noticed that it was packaged very well with a foam-fitted insert within the box and included all of the pieces indicated in the What's in the Box section for this item. You can check out the photo that I included along with this review.

  • Sean Walsh - Staying paired issues

    Not sure if it's a bluetooth or device issue, but the device won't stay paired once the phone is connected to the cars bluetooth. My phone stays connected to my fitbit and car bluetooth at the same time so i'm going to guess a device issue.

  • mherbst55 - Nonprogressive software

    I've been with Quicken for over a decade now. I use Quicken Deluxe 2001 (spreadsheet style budgeting tool; simple access to all features through editable sidebar tabs, etc.) and have tried the different versions up to about 2006, at which point I quit due to lack of any meaningful progress. However, I decided to try Quicken Deluxe 2011 since the reviews say Intuit's purchase of brought new ideas into the latest release. Ultimately I was again disappointed. In an era where beauty and elegance is in vogue in software design (Money 2008, Office 2010, etc.) Quicken is actually going backwards. Aesthetically, the older packages (2002, 2003, etc.) were much nicer looking. The sidebar feature is down-right plain looking. The toolbar area and buttons are also plain. Overall, access to the features gets more strewn across the landscape with each release, and 2011 follows suit. It's probably the worst of all. All-in-all the tools do not even feel like part of the package as each opens up in a window separate from the main application window. Quicken 2001 had the same separate windows, but they could be docked and accessed via tabs on the left side of the application where the sidebar now resides; this made the app easy to customize, centralized the tools in one easily organized area, and gave it a well-integrated feel. Moreover, in 2011 tools like debt reduction, cash-flow forecasting, category lists, etc. continue to have the same basic look and feel as they did in 2001, but with just a little different paint. I love Quicken Deluxe 2001. It's elegant, efficient, highly customizable, and the interface is not unattractive. But then again I'd hoped Intuit would find ways to improve on that layout over time. That hope was not only left unfulfilled, but they actually messed up a fairly smart design. I hate to rake Intuit like this because software producers have a difficult job. Software never wears out, so if you write the perfect program, what do you do for an encore? That said, the Quicken software package in my opinion lacks any real direction, with most releases simply wandering around in a half-hearted manner from one half-baked idea to another. I suggest that Intuit get in or get out--develop a vision and a plan, or just call it a day. However, on a more positive note, if someone new to money management software is looking for a program to use, Quicken will get the job done. Just don't expect anything more from Intuit than a languishing program, though. (To be fair, Microsoft has the same problem with their Office suite).

  • SeaDips - kinda like when you take a tablet thats just too harsh ...

    I started using relacore to combat my weight plateaux due to stress at work....I will admit, it does keep me calm...and i think it helps curb my appetite...but...sadly this tablet really messed up my stomach...