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  • caracter3 - works!

    I started taking this supplement after a haircut-gone-wrong and to my delightful surprise, my hair grew faster than expected, and was often told, "wow, your hair is growing fast!". "vitamins" I say, and I'm impressed with the quality.

  • Louise Korade - NOT a good start

    The first story was so deplorable I haven't bothered to read further. I will at some point, but really - what a terrible start to a book. No, this isn't about homophobia either, it's about a story that is hard to follow and comes to a pointless conclusion. The details are grossly graphic to no point. It's a valueless read.


    I have used Quicken for a number of years but have abandoned because it has become too difficult to use. The annual expense was the final straw. Mint has replaced it.

  • Marchell - Not worth it for me.

    While this cream smells good, I do not care for it. It hasn't yielded any results, and it almost burns. Kind of like hair bleach. I cannot give much more of a review beyond that. Tried to use this a few times and by the 3rd time I couldn't use it anymore. No results, and I would not purchase again.

  • Mark Vinette - GREAT PRODUCT

    I started using this in combination with Raspberry Ketones and found it made me stronger in my workouts. I have also been able to keep weight off with it. But remember, nothing is a miracle pill. I use it in combination with regular workouts and watch what I eat. I keep track of calories and always expend more calories than I use. If you are not wanting to loose weight then taking this along with the Keytones about 30 minutes prior to workout should help you to be able to move more weight.

  • mona bonnette - The inside bladder of the Mikasa MVA Olympic Volleyball did ...

    The inside bladder of the Mikasa MVA Olympic Volleyball did not withstand normal play. We have had the ball for a month and was used approximately twice weekly before going flat and will not stay inflated.