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  • S. Gonzalez - Simple and user-friendly study guide for the GRE

    I purchased both the Cracking the GRE, 2010 Edition and the Kaplan GRE Exam 2010: Strategies, Practice, and Review. I went through the Kaplan book first, because there are less pages in it than in Cracking the GRE. However, while going through the Kaplan book, I found that I was only being told what, for example, types of math problems might show up on the GRE, but there was no real review. Looking at the same section in Cracking the GRE, you'll find step by step breakdowns of problems as well as information and explanations about things like the area of the circle, factorials, etc, that are not in the Kaplan book. Overall, I would say that Cracking the GRE is so much more user-friendly than the Kaplan book and I recommend it over the Kaplan, if you are only planning to get one.

  • Luvin Tenn - Commuter OtterBox

    Just received and put on my phone and glad I got the black this time. Had a lighter color on my iPhone 6s and it showed a little dirt with my work I do. Great protection and will only use OtterBox on my phones.

  • Happy Camper - I like it. It gives me energy in the morning ...

    I like it. It gives me energy in the morning to do things around the house or do my once a werk 10-12 mile run. And I dont get hungry right away. This is my 2nd box so far.

  • Joseph Brottem - Smells Like Death

    This stuff smells less like a fart and more like an unwashed anus of a homeless man who just jogged a mile in 95 degree heat. I received this "product" in the mail and immediately sprayed some in a bag and set it in the living room. My two month pregnant wife walked by and immediately started gagging. Through my laughter I immediately grabbed the bag to throw it outside, but as I attempted to catch my breath from laughing, I caught a whiff and immediately started gagging myself. I ended up having to wrap the bag in two other bags and throw it in the trash. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but the next morning there was a dead squirrel in the yard.